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Baby items I never used…

This blog seemed like the obvious follow on to my must haves, a list of the items I found least helpful/ unnecessary for baby A. Like most FTMs I bought everything a baby could ever need, a lot of which have yet to be used! 

Newborn sized clothes…

If you’ve read my previous blogs you will already know that Aidan was 8 pounds 11 ounces when he was born meaning that any newborn sizes I got were useless. My hospital advises you wash all clothes before the baby wears them meaning I couldn’t return anything. I would advise maybe buy one pack of new born sleepsuits/onesies just in case but you can always get more after you know your babies weight. 

Moses basket…

Aidan slept 19 nights in his Moses basket, and I use the term slept very loosely. Some newborns have a sleep reflex meaning that the throw theirs arms and legs out in their sleep, resulting in baby A hitting the sides of his Moses basket and waking himself up. Aidan’s been in a cot since he was 3 weeks and now sleeps for 12 hours much more comfortably. 

Baby bath…

I guess this is linked with the large birth weight, baby A was restricted in his baby bath and didn’t enjoy bath time as a result. We got a bath sponge (€5 in smyths) and use it in our main bath which has been a much better experience! I think baby A might be a little claustrophobic too, his Moses basket, baby bath and carrycot section of his stroller were total wastes of money for him.

Changing table…

They have a changing table that matches his nursery furniture? I must own it! A piece of furniture that’s sole purpose is as a changing station probably won’t get the same use as say a dresser with a changing mat on top, or some even come with a removable changing station on top. Something that can be used once the baby grows out of nappies is a much better investment, in my opinion.

Aidan on his bath sponge

Until next time,
El x

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