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Getting to know baby A…

So all as you already know if you’ve read my first blog Aidan was born on May 29th meaning that he is 12 weeks old today! *wipes away sad mommy tears* In one way it feels like hes been here my entire life and in another its like only last week we brought cheap jerseys him home. Over the last 12 weeks baby A has changed everyday and each day does something new to amaze me!

From birth to now…

When baby A was born he weighed 8lb 11oz and at his last check up, early last week, he now weighs 13.5lbs.. and I am really starting to feel it! I was really lucky that Aidan took to the Chairs formula Ultrabook from wholesale jerseys the very beginning and now takes 4 full 8oz bottles cheap nba jerseys a day.

Aidan the day after he was born

From around 7 weeks old baby A began sleeping for 8 hours at night which in the last two weeks has reached 12 hours.. woo! I have no idea how it happened other than Aidan decided one day to take all his bottles 3 hours apart and slept all night. With the long stretch of sleep at night he hardly sleeps at all during the day and requires alot more stimulation and interaction. which is fine by me because I could spend all day making him smile.
Speaking of smiling, its all he does now. The proper kind not the questionable gas ones. He finds everything funny but shocked faces seem to be his biggest weakness! There is no feeling like seeing your baby cheap nba jerseys smile. His huge smile first thing in the morning makes me happier than all the money in the world could. (soppy mom moment.. sorry)

Baby A never stops smiling.

Also this month Ive been introduced to the world of teething babies (i.e., excessive drooling and the overwhelming desire to put EVERYTHING in their mouths). Aidan hasnt quite mastered how to manuver certain object into his mouth which has resulted in a current love/hate situation with Sophie the giraffe. You can guarentee though that if he isnt eating that he will be chewing his fist.. constantly!

Just like all the clichés say, the last 12 weeks really has flown by and although Im sure there so many small achievements Ive forgotten to by mention thats all for getting to know baby A/ three month update.

Such a difference from the baby I brought home from the hospital

Until next time,
El x

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