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My baby must haves…

As the titles says these are my must have items that i relied most on and are just an indication of some things you might find helpful in those first few weeks with a new baby. I have read several different blogs and watched hours of the ”must have” baby product videos and alot of the ones I found they featured several American brands that we cant get in Ireland so heres my list of the things I found most helpful in the first few weeks…

Graco lovin’ hug swing…

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This swing was the equivalent of having another pair of hands in our house. Even as Im writing this baby A is chillin’ in his swing listening to the classical music. The swing comes with 6 different speeds and a reclining seat as well as both white noise and classical sounds. It requires 3xD batteries which last us about a month which is great considering how often we use this. We got this in Smyths a few months ago on sale for €60.

Angelcare monitor ac401…

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WOW! I never realised how much peace of mind this monitor gives until i had to go one night without it! The ability to look at the parent unit and know your baby is breathing is worth paying any money. Along with the movement sensor pad the Angelcare monitor comes with a night light on the nursery unit (I have to admit I havent began using this yet), a temperature indicator on the parent unit (which has been really handy with the super hot summer we’ve had this year) and the option to have battery operated or mains operated units. As of yet we haven’t experienced any false alarms and I think it is because we used a thick piece of cardboard under the sensor pad so that it was not resting on the bars of the cot. Again we got this on sale, major sale, in argos for €56 but it usually retails around €100-130. If this monitor broke I would definitely buy another one.

Milton portable steriliser…

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Literally seconds after Aidan was born he started sucking his thumb, I had always said that if Aidan sucked his thumb I would give him a dummy/soother/pacifier (its got so many names!). My logic behind this is that you can take a dummy away at some point but you can never take away his thumb. Anyway, this portable steriliser is specifically for dummies. It contains two sponges that absorb the steilising fluid (one mini Milton sterilising tablet dissolved in water) and you just place the dummy into these sponges for 10 minutes and its all good to go again. I imagine this will get even more use as he gets older and his hand-eye coordination improves and he figures out how to throw his dummy in tantrums.. I cant wait! I dont rememer where we actually got this but I think they retail around €10.

Doctor browns bottles…

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In the first few weeks Aidan suffered with wind really badly, he would wake at 6am screaming in pain which was really hard to watch. After lots of internet searching I found several food alternatives and drops etc., but with Aidan really enjoying his current food I wanted to avoid changing it if possible so Dr Browns bottles seemed to be the best option for us to try. I began using them around 4pm one day and by the next night Aidan had no pain. They would be one of the first things I would recommend for a new mom buying the essentials. We bought 6 8oz bottles in boots for around €45.

Water wipes…

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As you can probably tell from the name, these wipes are 99.9% water and 0.1% fruit extract meaning there’s no chemicals! Baby A has never had a nappy rash and I really think Water Wipes are to thank for that. They’re suitable from birth as they’re as gentle as cotton wool and water. They retail at €2.99 but can always be found on sale at €2. I remember reading somewhere that the cheaper the wipes the more chemicals they contain which may be true in some cases but €2 and no chemicals seems good to me.

Nelson’s Teetha Teething granules…


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I almost forgot to mention these as we’ve only started to use them over the last few weeks. These are a completely natural pain relief for teething and are suitable from birth. When baby A began teething around 10 weeks we struggled to find something suitable for babies under 4 months who were teething, I had never heard of teething granules before. One sachet onto his gums relieves his pain almost instantly and also initiates a sucking reflex which as the nurse at his first appointment told me releases natural pain killers in their system.. double win!


Until next time,
El x

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