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Whats in my diaper bag…

I estimate Ive watched about 30 ‘whats in my diaper bag’ videos. I seem to really enjoy having a look through other peoples bags.. does that sounds creepy? Anyways, I thought maybe its time to share whats in my bag.. its only fair really.

Well first off my diaper bag itself is a yummy mummy Pink Lining bag, not sure what the patterns called but its a flowery one, I’ll put a picture below. Its from last season, I got it back in February from, I think it was on sale for €70. There is so much space in this bag, it holds everything and theres still plenty of room. The bag also comes with a changing mat, wet bag and a little mirror inside. It has two insulted pockets inside which keep bottles warm.

Ok so the obvious, I usually carry about 5 nappies in there, unless I know Im going to be out for a long period of time, so currently baby A is in size 3 and I alternate between pampers baby dry and pampers acti-fit. A packet of water wipes, nappy bags and some vaseline, although I dont think Ive ever actually used it. Then theres his hand & body lotion from The Childs Farm, I love this stuff! Aidan had really dry skin on his knees, shins and onto his feet and after two apllicationg of the hand and body lotion he was back to baby soft skin! I originally bought it for the smell (grapefruit and tea tree) but will definitely be looking into some of their other products, which are all completely natural too (well 98% but whats 2% between friends?). A change of clothes and some spare bibs, teething dribbles means at least 3/4 bibs a day! I carry two bottles and formula with me everywhere even if Aidans not due a feed its better to have them than not to, I think anyway. Depending on where we’re going I will carry the pink lining changing mat. Thats everything in the main bag section. Oh and my purse lives in there too.

The front pocket I keep all my stuff in, phone, keys and my endless amount of lists! Then one side pocket has the portable steriliser, dummy clips and dummies. the other side pocket has some hand sanitiser, sun cream, spare socks and the mini mirror that comes with the changing bag. 

Heres some more pictures…

Until next time,
El x

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