Month: September 2014

4 month update

Weight/Length:  Nearly one stone! 13lb 14oz, as of last week but you have an appointment with the nurse this week so I think you will measure over a stone. I have no clue how long you are but my guess would be maybe 26 inches, hopefully the nurse will tell up that too.
Sleep: I have the laziest baby, but I am totally ok with that. For the most part you go down at 7pm and sleep until 8:30/9am. Then around 11:30/12 you go down for a nap for an hour or two (this has only been in the last week so fingers crossed you keep it up).
Aidan does wake once at night for his dummy. Oh and you are the strangest sleeper I have ever seen.

Feeding: You take four 8oz bottles a day, 9am, 12:30, 4 and 7. We also began weaning but with such a hectic week last week it kind of went off track so starting this week again we will be having solid feeds, which you seemed to enjoy for the most part.
Firsts This Month: You giggled for the first time this month but only on your terms, you tease us with one hearty giggle every few days.
We took A on his first over night in a ‘foreign’ land, Cork, he was so good and wasn’t fussy about being out of his routine.
(Photo’s will be in a separate Cork post)
Aidan ‘s first tooth is just about to cut through his gum! I only discovered this at the beginning of the week. All books say the bottom teeth come in first so I never thought to check the top.. Aidan has to be different to the norm. (see it? that tiny white dot on the left.. yep that’s the beginning of his tooth!)

Developments: I decided this month to try your baby elegance pillow for tummy time and its been a huge success, you love being on your belly now.

Your hand eye coordination has improved so much this month and now you can get your dummy back into your mouth by yourself, however you forget to let go and end up pulling it straight back out on most occasions.

You smile all the time now and it is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone else loves your smile too.
You can turn onto your side but your pot belly is proving a struggle when it comes to actually rolling over.
And also this week you began to grab your feet.
Likes: Going in your carseat. Your cot mobile. I also think you’re fast becoming a Tigger fan. And a Sophie one too. 
Holding somebody’s finger will stop you crying almost instantly. 
Dislikes:  You love attention and therefore hate when nobody is talking to you. If your bottle is not ready when you want it you will scream like somebody is pinching you.
Nicknames: Buddha (apparently you look like one, sorry bud!), Buster, Aido.
(Refer back to the photo of him topless with a face full of food for the buddha reference)
What I’m Thankful For: Having such a peaceful baby who sleeps through the night. Having a family who love to spoil A as much as I do. 
What I’m Looking Forward To:  Every milestoes Aidan has yet to achieve. And Christmas.
How Mommy’s Doing: I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and thankfully had no complications after having Aidan. I am losing my hair really badly now its getting quite thin so I am hoping that it will stop this month. I haven’t had any cystic acne since starting the Boots tea tree & witch hazel range. Overall, I have no major complaints, thankfully.

Until next time,
El x

Slow start to the week

Some of you guys might have read that I was away in Cork this weekend for a family occasion, which was so much fun! I had planned to write today’s post when I got home last night but that did not happen and I fell asleep as soon as I walked through the door. I am happy I didn’t get around to it though because today Aidan has done 2/3 things I will be adding to his 4 month update, which I plan to post this week. He also has his two month injections this week 🙁 not excited for that atall!

I was very lucky this weekend to get to spend time with all my family and everybody commented on how good A was all weekend. I will be doing a full post about it but just wanted to hear what everybody else got up to this weekend? I haven’t gotten around to reading many blog posts this weekend either so what have I missed out on?

Until next time,

El x

Travelling with a 4 month old…

As you may know we are going to a Christening in Cork this weekend. This will be the first time we have brought A somewhere overnight other than my Mom’s meaning I am struggling not to pack everything. For something so small they require so many things!!!! I have to keep telling myself that we’re not going to outer space and that there is shops in Cork where I can buy anything that I forget. Alas, I have still filled an entire suitcase with baby products, so here’s what I’m bringing travelling overnight with a 4 month old…

The obvious nappies, wipes, food and bottles (these photos were taken when I packed Wednesday so I hadn’t made up bottles at that stage)

We are using a cot from the hotel (which I will completely clean with disinfectant when I get there) but I am bringing my own sheets and two big muslin clothes just to be safe. I packed a blanket too.

I am also going to bring his Grobag, as he sleeps in one all the time at home it might help him be more at ease in a new place.

I will bring a book or two to read to him before he goes to sleep or before he goes for a nap, try and keep things as ‘normal’ as I can so that it might be a smooth experience.

He absolutely adores this lion toy we got him at the Aldi baby event last week, and the Fisher Price pram toy is on its way to being a new fav to.

If there’s one thing I’m going to run out of its clothes, with all the drooling and ‘explosions’ A’s been doing lately (apparently it’s from teething?). However, I do plan on doing some ‘light’ shopping on Sunday so I only brought a handful of outfits. And spare pj’s.

As of right now this is Aidan’s outfit for the Christening, it is 6-9 months though so it may be a little too big.

Referring back to the ‘explosions’, I’ve brought his Pink Lining changing mat and two disposable changing mats.

As well as a wipe clean bib and some disposable bibs too.

Especially when you’re travelling its easier to bin messy things than carry them back home with you so disposable seems like a good idea.
We’re also bringing his pram and car seat, obviously! I am panicing I’ve forgotten something though so let me know if you guys think of anything else.

Until next time,
El x

Things I never expected when I was expecting…

Never having a hot meal or drink again. 
Its almost as if babies have a sixth sense that tells them when you’ve sat down with some food or a cup of tea, at which point they will demand your undivided attention. As soon as your indulgence dips to room temperature they will retract all tears and let you ‘enjoy’ your meal.

Bye Bye lie ins and full nights sleep.
For the first few weeks they wake you ever few hours during the night to feed them, then they start to sleep longer but they also begin to snore, then they sleep through and apart from the odd stir around 3am for their dummy they are completely silent. This sounds like when you’d sleep, right? Wrong! As soon as they’re quite you squint to see them breathe in the dark and just as you’ve reach the point of absolute awakeness then move or snort, a baby’s version of slapping you in the face.

Lack of cleaning.
This ones a real struggle for me because I am a clean freak and when I was pregnant I had a serious case of nesting (I cleaned my entire house with a toothbrush!) but since having Aidan I haven’t found the time to clean as often as I’d like. Laundry piles about 4 foot tall before I get around to doing it. As of today though I have started putting A up to his cot to nap so hopefully I’ll get back on track soon.

Always having a wet patch.
No I don’t mean you wet yourself I mean wet patches from your offspring. I am currently mothering a teething baby meaning I am constantly being drooled on and licked. I literally change my top at least 3 times a day because I get ‘soggy shoulder’ quite regularly. Don’t be fooled though before they begin teething wet patches also occur but mainly from spit up and are located on your lap or down your back.

Complete body transformation.
Ok, so we all know your body changes when you have a baby but I never realised to the extent that it changes. I have a completely different body to the one I had this time last year, from skin to hair. I am currently losing my hair in clumps and have been doing since having A. I recently read a blog saying that it does stop, hopefully it will be soon because I am running out of hair rapidly! 

Carrying a 4 stone bag around.
Apart from carrying a miniature human you also have to carry a bag full of their belongings which at a minimum weighs about 4 stone. But the minute you leave one thing out that’s the thing you’ll need. And if you have a baby like A that will involve carrying enough food for a grown adult (or 3).

What was the biggest shocker to you after having a baby?
Until next time,
El x

My favourite blogs this month

Ok, so its not really fair to say my favourite because there’s a lot of blogs out there that I really enjoy that aren’t on this list so let me rephrase this.

My most memorable blogs this month…

That’s better.

Mamavsteacher: A day in the life of me

Such a humorous look at a day in the life of a teacher. The wit in this post had me giggling the whole way through.


3 Princesses & 1 Dude: 15 things every baby should do before they turn 1

I have already experienced a few of the things on this list and am super excited about the rest.. can you sense the sarcasm? This post is the first in a series, followed up by toddler and tween editions.


Write like no ones watching: Modern Families?

This was one of the first posts I read after I started blogging and I just thought it was such a lovely post. If someone asked me one blog post I would recommend it would be Modern Families. Such a nice, honest post.


Little O and Me: PND and Me – A candid rambling post

An honest look at PND. I truly admire how brave Becky is to post this because we all know how many people never speak about their mental issues. I hope this post will help other mom’s to know that it’s ok not to be ok.

What are your favourite blog posts from the last month? Or all time?
Until next time,
El x

Dear Mr Crossfit,

Dear Mr Crossfit,

We seem to have a slight issue. Your training facility happens to be beside a housing estate, which I also happen habitat in. Now all us girls who have frequented a gym (or been just the once) know that the volume of the noise you project while lifting weights is proportional to the size of your muscles. However, today when I put baby A down for his nap he woke after 45 minutes, when I went up to check on him the level of noise I heard from you can only lead me to believe your muscles must be as big as my house (hence the letter and not a visit). I am writing this letter for two reasons, one is to ask you to keep the noise down so that A can get a nap in because no muscles will protect you from a mommy with an over tired baby. Also this letter now tells all the ladies out there that your muscles are huge and therefore maybe you can train in a lower volume or maybe even muted? 

Kind regards (for now),

My real life Friends moment…

Any Friends fans out there? Well you know the episode where Emma will only laugh at the big butts song, yeah Aidan seems to be a fan of  ‘a song about women with giant asses’ too.
We discovered this when I was listening to Anaconda by Nicki Minaj after seeing about it all over twitter, they said butt Aidan erupted with laughter and then so did I. I thought it was just a fluke but no it happens every time. Check out this video of my real life Friends moment…

Hot air balloons

These posts are going to make Waterford sound like a really cool place where things happen all the time, I assure you that is not the case it just so happens that this year a lot of events have been happening. (probably because of the 1100 birthday of the city.)

Anyways, Sunday saw the start of the 44th Irish National hot air balloon championships. I again had never heard of this or been to one before so I am hoping to attend at least one of the specified venues to see all 40 balloons together.

On Sunday though I completely misread the timetable meaning we missed the taking off of the balloons but we did see them as the passed over my Mom’s house. My cousin was at the balloon launch so some of her photos are below also. Hopefully (weather & travel times permitting) I will get to see them all together next Sunday, so keep an eye out for that.

Photos taken from my Mom’s garden

Photos from the launch

Until next time,
El x

My First Month..

It’s already been a month, can you believe it?!

My first blog post went live on the 19th of August meaning that I have been blogging for an entire month, which has flown by. When I started this it was a way to document all things baby A so that I can look back in years to come and remember all the little things, that mightn’t have seemed so important at the time. My little internet space has become so much more than that, I have met so many lovely people through my blog that have helped me in ways they mightn’t even know about. I have found the mommy blogger community to be so sweet and supportive of one another. With Clayton working two jobs it means that I could go over 24 hours without talking to him (or another adult for that matter) and I have found a lot of comfort knowing I can reach out to a fellow blogger for a chat or even just reading their posts can feel like chatting with a friend (and I often do talk back to the screen as I read them).
If you had of asked me how I thought this little adventure would go in its first month I would never have guessed I could have made friends with people I’ve never met but feel I know so much about. I think taking that leap and publishing that first post has been one of the best things I ever pushed myself to do.

”Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

My tip for someone starting a blog: Use social media, it is a must for linking up to other bloggers. Twitter tends to be my forum of choice.

As I am writing these Bloglovin’ has just informed me that I’ve reached over 20 followers.. yay! Thanks so much guys 🙂 

Until next time,
El x