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20 facts about Aidan

1. I am 1/4 American
2. I have a birth mark in my hairline that looks like a cigarette burn
3. I can pull myself up with a little help from Mommy’s fingers
4. I have blue eyes like my Dad
5. I love really colourful toys
6. Baby TV is my favourite thing to watch
7. I have two cousins a few weeks younger than me to play with when I’m older
8. Mommy called me Aidan because she had a dream when she was pregnant that that was my name
9. It means “little fire”
10. I love having my hair washed
11. I nearly have one of my bottom teeth
12. I don’t really like being on my tummy I’d rather stand
13. I decided I like to sleep a lot so I sleep for 12 hours at night
14. I look just like my dad
15. I eat lots like him too
16. I (well mom) own about 40 Disney DVDs
17. I love my links with the different colours and textures
18. I hate sitting still
19. I love going in my car seat
20. I have more clothes than Mom
Gosh that was tiring!
Jeez it’s harder than you’d think to come up with 20 facts for someone who isn’t even 20 weeks old yet. 
Until next time,
El & A x

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