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4 month update

Weight/Length:  Nearly one stone! 13lb 14oz, as of last week but you have an appointment with the nurse this week so I think you will measure over a stone. I have no clue how long you are but my guess would be maybe 26 inches, hopefully the nurse will tell up that too.
Sleep: I have the laziest baby, but I am totally ok with that. For the most part you go down at 7pm and sleep until 8:30/9am. Then around 11:30/12 you go down for a nap for an hour or two (this has only been in the last week so fingers crossed you keep it up).
Aidan does wake once at night for his dummy. Oh and you are the strangest sleeper I have ever seen.

Feeding: You take four 8oz bottles a day, 9am, 12:30, 4 and 7. We also began weaning but with such a hectic week last week it kind of went off track so starting this week again we will be having solid feeds, which you seemed to enjoy for the most part.
Firsts This Month: You giggled for the first time this month but only on your terms, you tease us with one hearty giggle every few days.
We took A on his first over night in a ‘foreign’ land, Cork, he was so good and wasn’t fussy about being out of his routine.
(Photo’s will be in a separate Cork post)
Aidan ‘s first tooth is just about to cut through his gum! I only discovered this at the beginning of the week. All books say the bottom teeth come in first so I never thought to check the top.. Aidan has to be different to the norm. (see it? that tiny white dot on the left.. yep that’s the beginning of his tooth!)

Developments: I decided this month to try your baby elegance pillow for tummy time and its been a huge success, you love being on your belly now.

Your hand eye coordination has improved so much this month and now you can get your dummy back into your mouth by yourself, however you forget to let go and end up pulling it straight back out on most occasions.

You smile all the time now and it is honestly the best thing I’ve ever seen. Everyone else loves your smile too.
You can turn onto your side but your pot belly is proving a struggle when it comes to actually rolling over.
And also this week you began to grab your feet.
Likes: Going in your carseat. Your cot mobile. I also think you’re fast becoming a Tigger fan. And a Sophie one too. 
Holding somebody’s finger will stop you crying almost instantly. 
Dislikes:  You love attention and therefore hate when nobody is talking to you. If your bottle is not ready when you want it you will scream like somebody is pinching you.
Nicknames: Buddha (apparently you look like one, sorry bud!), Buster, Aido.
(Refer back to the photo of him topless with a face full of food for the buddha reference)
What I’m Thankful For: Having such a peaceful baby who sleeps through the night. Having a family who love to spoil A as much as I do. 
What I’m Looking Forward To:  Every milestoes Aidan has yet to achieve. And Christmas.
How Mommy’s Doing: I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and thankfully had no complications after having Aidan. I am losing my hair really badly now its getting quite thin so I am hoping that it will stop this month. I haven’t had any cystic acne since starting the Boots tea tree & witch hazel range. Overall, I have no major complaints, thankfully.

Until next time,
El x

13 thoughts on “4 month update

  1. Ohhh he is such a little cutie and looks so happy with his feeds and weaning with the loveliest pot belly! 🙂 I remember my z used to hate tummy time, he’d bawl till I picked him up again!

  2. Sounds like you’re both doing really well. What a wonderful sleeper! I’m a tad jealous 😉 Well done you for being back to your pre-pregnancy weight too.
    Thanks for linking up to #BinkhLinky

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