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Nursery tour

As I mentioned before I love a good nosey at other peoples diaper bags and nursery themes. I decided that although A’s nursery isnt finished Id share what we have done so far and see if any of you guys had ideas on what else we should add. We will also be decorating his play room so I’m on the hunt for alot of room insporation.
This is Aidan wardrobe which we got in Ikea, that was a day I will never forget I almost couldn’t fit in the car coming home we got so much! Its got three doors which can be arranged in any order but I think the mirror in the centre works best. Its really sturdy and only cost 175. We also got the matching locker which you can see on the left of the photo and that was about €40. 
Here’s a close up of the locker which is home to A’s books until we get a book shelf. The blue cloud lamp we also got in Ikea (starting to see a trend here?) and the matching ceiling light which is still in its box. Oops.
 This is the main body of the wardrobe which has this rail and a shelf above (which I’ll show in a picture below). The rail can be installed at two different levels and the shelf can be above the rail or at the bottom of the wardrobe. All Aidan’s clothes fit into the wardrobe nicely, including the two storage boxes of clothes which don’t fit him yet, planning ahead.
 The right of the wardrobe has 4 shelves which were a must when I was choosing a wardobe. I got 6 stoarge baskets in Woodies and used this to create a little more organisation to the mess, one for socks, three for bibs, one for muslin clothes. The bottom shelf has a bigger storage box to keep towels and sheets.
The shelf above the rail contains cot bed sets, hangers, Aidans christening candle, hats and other random items that I havent found a place for yet.
This is A’s sleigh cot bed, which I love and I think he does too.
Its got a storage drawer underneath too in which I store my nappy and wipes. I think I have enough napies for about 6 months in here.

The changing table is from the same brand as the cot with a changing pad I believe is Mama & Papa’s. The drawer has yet more nappies and wipes, the top shelf has blankets (which I havent used too much as of yet thanks to the good summer we got), and the lower shelf hasbath toys, weaning utensils, the matching ceiling light fixture and some refills for the sangenic.

And finally, my glider which I must admit I was determined I needed and have yet to use. I am hopefull though that when A begins to sleep in this room we can do bedtime stories in it.

We still need to find curtains, shelving and pictures,etc for the walls but I cant seem to find things which arent character themed.
Anybody got any child decor places I could check out? Link your nursey or playroom posts below I love to (a) be nosey and (b) get inspiration.
Until next time,
El x

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