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Starting to spoon feed

Yes I’ve read all the ”do not wean your baby before 17 weeks” stuff but A just was not getting enough from formula anymore, he no longer napped during the day and would still be hungry after his full 8oz bottle (resulting in m giving him 11oz a few times!). He’s on the formula for colic and constipation as he used to be lacking in the bowel movement department (thats the nicest way I think I can say that!) which is thick so I didnt feel like hungrier baby food would help.
I decided last week to start A on baby rice.. what a waste of time! I made it following the instructions on the box (1 spoon of baby rice to 10 spoons of formula/water) using Aidans regular formula and honestly it was just like feeding him his bottle with a spoon. More of it ended up on his clothes than his mouth. He got the hang of the spoon fairly quickly but the consistency of the baby rice just didnt work for me using a spoon. Fail #1!

Moving on to sunshine orange. Judging from the box, which says make it to the consistency you require, I thought we would have a better experience. To an extent it was better than our baby rice ordeal as it was more spoon friendly but its a fruit and all the leaflets say to start with vegatables as babies have a natural sweet tooth.. I am rambling again.. sorry!

If youve been reading my blog you will know I already have all that equipment to make baby food at home (Beaba haul) but before I went of making lots of baby meals I wanted to be sure Aidan was ready for purees. Yesterday happened to be shopping day so I picked up 4 Ella’s Kitchen food pouches for a puree trial run.

Saturday, Day 1; First tastes, Banana:
Ok so I kind of contradict myself here with trying fruits again but first tastes pouches only come in fruits (at least in the Tesco I went to thats all they had) so I picked up a banana and a pear. It was a huge hit! I gave A about half (35g) of the pouch and he screamed between each spoonful because I was taking to long getting from bowl to mouth! He had no upset tummy or downstairs explosions and seemed alot more content between his feeds.

Sunday, Day 2; First tastes, Banana:
I thought it must be super boring to eat the same thing again today but I guess to babies going from constant formula to a new taste is exciting but also takes time for little tummies to get used to. I heated up the second half of the banana pouch (35g) as it had been stored in the fridge over night. Aidan’s eye lit up when he saw the bowl and ate al of it, I think if he could lick the bowl he would have! He had it at 12:30 and has slept since (its 2:45), which is completely different to this time last week where he would nap for maybe one hour a day max!

So far so good! I will keep you guys updated on how it goes, cross your fingers for me.

Until next time,
El x

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