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Travelling with a 4 month old…

As you may know we are going to a Christening in Cork this weekend. This will be the first time we have brought A somewhere overnight other than my Mom’s meaning I am struggling not to pack everything. For something so small they require so many things!!!! I have to keep telling myself that we’re not going to outer space and that there is shops in Cork where I can buy anything that I forget. Alas, I have still filled an entire suitcase with baby products, so here’s what I’m bringing travelling overnight with a 4 month old…

The obvious nappies, wipes, food and bottles (these photos were taken when I packed Wednesday so I hadn’t made up bottles at that stage)

We are using a cot from the hotel (which I will completely clean with disinfectant when I get there) but I am bringing my own sheets and two big muslin clothes just to be safe. I packed a blanket too.

I am also going to bring his Grobag, as he sleeps in one all the time at home it might help him be more at ease in a new place.

I will bring a book or two to read to him before he goes to sleep or before he goes for a nap, try and keep things as ‘normal’ as I can so that it might be a smooth experience.

He absolutely adores this lion toy we got him at the Aldi baby event last week, and the Fisher Price pram toy is on its way to being a new fav to.

If there’s one thing I’m going to run out of its clothes, with all the drooling and ‘explosions’ A’s been doing lately (apparently it’s from teething?). However, I do plan on doing some ‘light’ shopping on Sunday so I only brought a handful of outfits. And spare pj’s.

As of right now this is Aidan’s outfit for the Christening, it is 6-9 months though so it may be a little too big.

Referring back to the ‘explosions’, I’ve brought his Pink Lining changing mat and two disposable changing mats.

As well as a wipe clean bib and some disposable bibs too.

Especially when you’re travelling its easier to bin messy things than carry them back home with you so disposable seems like a good idea.
We’re also bringing his pram and car seat, obviously! I am panicing I’ve forgotten something though so let me know if you guys think of anything else.

Until next time,
El x

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