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Weaning.. Take 2

Day 3:
8oz at 9am
Pouch at 12:30 (40g Ella’s Kitchen Sweet potato, Carrot & Brocolli)
A initially wasn’t too keen on this but warmed to it after one or two spoons
2oz at 12:30pm
5oz at 2:30pm
11oz at 6:45pm
Sleep at 7:30pm
Seemed that the solid food broke up the midday bottle. To much food?

Day 4: 
8oz at 8am
Pouch at 11:45am (20g of Ella’s Kitchen Sweet potato, Carrot & Brocolli)
After a few spoons A lost interest. I dont think I was spooning it quick enough.
4.5oz at 11:45am
7oz at 3:45pm
8oz at 8pm

Day 5:
8oz at 8am
8oz at 12:30pm
7.5oz at 5pm
Pouch at 5pm (40g of Ella’s Kitchen Sweet potato, Carrot & Brocolli)
Change of tactics, gave bottle before food and seemed to work out ok
8oz at 8pm
I think I may have found the best option for A here.

Day 6: 
8oz at 9am
8oz at 12:45pm
7.5oz at 5:30pm
Disaster struck! The Ella’s Kitchen pouch had been opened by somebody in the shop! Made pears in the Babycook. Aidan does not like pears. No solid food taken.
4.5oz at 8:30pm
A fell asleep on his bottle after only half. Very unlike him.

Day 7: 
8oz at 8:45am
6oz at 11:30am
7oz at 3pm
7oz at 6pm
Pouch at 6pm (40g Ella’s kitchen spinach,apple and sweed)
4oz at 7:30pm
A fell asleep half way through his bottle again. He demanded a bottle at 11:30 meaning he took 5 bottles and food. Enter ‘Michelin man’ Aidan!

Day 8:
Weekends are crazy busy for us and we’re usually out of the house all day. Saturday was a disaster day!
8oz at 9am
9oz at 1pm
8oz at 4pm
4oz at 7:30pm, fell asleep on bottle
No solid food taken. Fell asleep halfway through his bottle again. Maybe move bedtime to 7 tomorrow night?

Day 9:
Sundays plan is to have two spoon feeds and one less bottle with a 7pm bedtime.
8oz at 9am
75ml of puréed banana at 10:30am
8oz at 1:30pm
75ml of Ella’s Kitchen Spinach, apple & sweed at 5pm
5oz at 7pm
Aidan screamed for his bottle from about 6:30 and fell asleep half way through. Fail!

Ok so I havent had a tactic thats worked 100% just yet. Anybody got a super hungry baby routine that works?

Until next time,
El x

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