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Weekend recap: Harvest Festival

Luckily this weekend our new friend Mr Sun came back to visit meaning we got to get out and about alot. On Friday evening we had a little family gathering in my Mom’s recently refurbished back garden (is that the word for outdoors redecorating?) and my uncle had everyone laughing until all night long. Aidan’s godfather sat with him all evening even when he was asleep, which was nice to be able to relax and know he was being looked after (without having to be apart from him).
Every Saturday morning we go to my Nan’s house for brunch where Aidan is always the centre of attention. It was so nice that we got to sit in the garden for hours before venturing into the Harvest Festival which has been on this weekend in Waterford City. Ok so I hold my hands up I hadn’t ever been to the Harvest Festival before so I didn’t really know what to expect and being honest I hadn’t very high expectations… I was very much suprised! There was everything from food stalls to live music, street preformers and even a mini farm!

First, we walked along Merchants Quay which had a few small stalls outside local shops, this lead onto the corner of the Mall which is home to Reginald’s Tower and the new viking boat. These are very symbolic this year as its Waterford/Vadrefjorde’s 1100th birthday, meaning alot of things have been going on in the Viking Triangle this year already.

When we reached the ‘centre’ of the Harvest Festival the smells were amazing. there were so many different stalls we wanted to eat from, especially the cupcake one. After the stalls was an outdoor stage were a band was playing live, they were really great too. While listening to the band Clayton turns to me ‘Look at that cow’ I was about to tell him off when I turned and saw an actual COW in the middle of town! There was a display of cows, a calf, sheep, goats, the smallest ponies I’ve ever seen, rabbits and chickens. This was put together by Dawn Meats & Copper Coast Mini Farm which I cannot wait to take A to when he’s more aware of animals as its only 10 minutes from the city centre.

We then walked up through the Viking Triangle which had more stalls and a Jazz singer. One of the stalls we visited was Pip & Pear which is a brand founded by a local family in their recently opened restaurant. I talked to the guy on the stall for ages and he told me about how they came up with the idea and of how it makes the transition to adult meals alot easier. Pip & Pear use all organic fruit & veg and only Irish fish, chicken and meat, all their packaging is completely 100% recyclable too. Their stage 1 food isnt recommended to babies until 5 months old so I couldnt get any food to try Aidan with yet but I will definitely be paying a visit in a few weeks. Their restaurant has lovely food and I was always a fan (its always been really child friendly with a play area indoors which I havent seen in any other rastaurants before) but now that they have a baby food menu it attracts me even more.

Photo taken from Pip & Pear facebook page

We also went to the main square of the town which housed more stalls and live music. Then it was time to get Aidan home for bed and only when I got home did I realise we missed half of the things around the town so I popped over to the Harvest Festival’s facebook page and robbed a few of their photos to show you.

** Just found this video on of a runaway pig at the festival.. Its hilarious!!**

Feel free to explore and of the links above, and if you’re into history at all the viking triangle is home to so much of it if you ever got a chance to visit I would highly recommend it.

Until next time,
El x

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