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FarFaria App | Review & Giveaway

I guess it’s a sign of the times (god that made me sound so old!) but Aidan loves TV, smart phones and the iPad, I would love him to enjoy books, so when I found an app that incorporated both I knew it would be perfect for us!

I must admit I was waiting in anticipation to begin using it, like a kid at Christmas. Then the email came and I set up my subscription, to so much more than I even thought.

The app has hundreds of stories for kids of all ages, with 5 new stories added each week. Every story has a number on the cover which corresponds to the reading level its suitable for. 

The books are also arranged into different genre islands, for example, Fairytale Falls and Mt. Make Believe.

Each story begins with three options, Read to me, where the app reads the story and you turn the pages when you’re finished exploring the fantastic illustrations. Auto play, where the app reads the story and turns the pages too. And finally, Read myself where you read the story at your own pace, ideal for children who are learning to read. My favourite thing about the read to me option is that the voice which reads the story isn’t a generic, monotone voice there are several different voices which speak with emotion and varying, appropriate tones.

You can also save your favourite books into the favourites section and they can be read offline, which is ideal when you’re travelling or out and about, and wifi-less.

Apart from hundreds of stories FarFaria also includes many educational books like, colours in french and numbers in chinese. And that’s not all, there’s even sing-a-long books! 

This app has so much more than I ever expected and went down a real treat with Aidan, who bursts into floods of tears when I put it away. Also, it’s extremely child friendly with no hidden in-app purchases which most children’s apps are notorious for.

FarFaria is available on iPhone/iPad and Android, with several subscription options, or you can download it free and get access to one book a day. The lovely people at FarFaria have given me a 3-month subscription to giveaway, if you have kids who enjoy story time this is a must for you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone, winner will be announced on November 19th.

Until next time,
El x


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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5 month update | Aidan

Size-wise:  I haven’t had Aidan weighed this month but I would estimate about 10-11 kg (1.7 stone). He is now in 6-9 month clothes 🙁
Sleep: The beginning of the month we experienced a little bit of the dreaded ‘4 month sleep regression’ but we have moved past that stage and you sleep from 7:30/8pm until 8/9 in the morning. Also, you need to be tucked in tightly at night or else you roll over in your sleep and end up waking yourself up.

Recently though you’ve begun waking around 6 looking to cuddle in Mommy & Daddy’s bed. We are doing great with daytime naps too, one around 12 and another around 5. You still fall asleep almost everytime you’re in the car too.


Feeding: Much the same as last month*. You take 4 8oz bottles (although the night bottle usually ends up with over half left as you fall asleep), a breakfast feed around 10 and dinner around 6. You can see Aidan’s day in his recent day in the life post he wrote.

We moved to some stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouches diluted down with some water, they’ve been a huge hit.

Firsts This Month: You had a lot of your first foods this month, like wheetabix and porridge, which you loved.You went swimming for the first time, you’re a natural.

You & Daddy went for a walk together without me for almost an entire day!

You’re first time in your door jumper (that what they’re called?) was such a success, I haven’t seen you enjoy anything as much!

Developments: You rolled over! you went front to back and back to front all at the one time. How all or nothing of you!

You also started spinning around on your belly the past few days. Crawling a goal for next month? 

You said ‘mama’, not dada, not baba but mama! Can you sense my happiness? 

You properly chuckle, and it is so contagious. 

You’ve begun pulling yourself up and sitting unaided, for very brief periods.

And an anti-development, your soon to be tooth has completely disappeared! You’ve had really red cheeks and been cranky the last few days so hopefully it will make a reappearance soon.

Likes: Putting things into your mouth. You’re not fussed what anything will do once you can reach it. Dirty nappy? Your socks? But mostly other peoples hands are favourite.  

Disney Junior. You could watch it all day long. You have a little crush on Doc McStuffins, just the sight of her and you’re beaming.

You’ve discovered how to bounce yourself in your bouncer by shaking your foot, it’s very amusing to watch.

The door jumper, you were in it for almost 2 hours the other day! You need a nap immediately afterwards because you tire yourself out so much.
Dislikes:  Teething! Voice recordings of your cousin Emma. All in all you don’t dislike much.
Nicknames: Nothing new, Aido and Buddy seem to be the go to names.
What I’m Thankful For: Although you’re super heavy to carry now I am thankful that you are such a great eater and not at all picky. You’ve never turned down food (except the pears).
What I’m Looking Forward To:  Crawling. I will probably regret saying that because I will need eyes in the back of my head but it will be amazing to see.
How Mommy’s Doing: I am still losing my hair pretty badly but my skin is a lot better. You win some you lose some.
Until next time,
El x


Ok so I may have laughed at this a little too much than I should. This face is the result of listening to a voice recording of baby Emma (12 weeks old) talking to her teddy. Whatever she was saying A did not like it!

You know you’re a hardcore #wickedwednesday linkeruper (I hear that’s the techincal term!) when you let the baby cry a little longer so you can get a photo!

Until next time,
El x


Eggless Chocolate Cookies | Recipe

A few nights ago, Clayton decided that he wanted cookies but we had none in the house so he said he would bake them (this is the man who can’t melt chocolate). Seen as this was a spur of the moment job we had no egg and no chocolate chips so I wondered how he would make them but I left him in the kitchen and just hoped that he wouldn’t set something on fire. I was shocked when I saw and tasted them! Eggless cookies are amazing! They’re the right amount of chewy and chocolatey, even with no chocolate chips in them. Here’s a recipe you could try over the Halloween break.


1/4 cup butter

2 tablespoons oil
3/4 cup  caster sugar
3 -4 tablespoons water
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon bread soda
1 cup plain flour
1/3 cup cocoa


– Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C (180 degrees for a fan oven)
1. Blend on medium-low speed margarine, oil, sugar and 1 tablespoon of  water until light and fluffy.
2. Add the remaining water and mix thoroughly.
3. Combine all the dry ingredients.
4. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir.
5. Place in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.
6. Grease a cookie tray or use greaseproof paper.
7. Make teaspoon sized balls and place them on the tray.
8. Bake for 20 minutes, varies depending on size and oven.
9. Allow them to cool for 5 minutes and enjoy.

They didn’t last too long in our house and will be a regular I think. Let me know if you enjoy them too.
Until next time,
El x


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I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. 

Out and About 

Weather has been a bit yuck, I guess the Autumn has finally arrived. It means more fires but less outings. 

Clearly loves his autumnal walks
There’s always a rainbow after the rain

We did go looking at kitchen flooring at the beginning of the week which is awesome (you’ll see when when I post before and after pics!). So hopefully our landlord will ok that for us soon and we can get it done asap.
We went swimming on Sunday, which was great! We were supposed to go to the pool on Thursday but I had the option of a lie in so I was selfish but I will try get there this week.

Fun at home 

I moved Aidan to stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouches, he prefers lumpy food, and its been hilarious to see his reaction. He has never refused any food (except the time I made pears) but the cheesy pie took him a while to get used to.
I got my whole house clean, probably one of the highlights of my week, sad I know.

Time for me

Ok, no bath happened like planned but I did get one or two lie ins which was great. And, on Thursday, I left Aidan with my Mom for the first time so that I could get the house sorted (ref: #wickedwednesday) and it was really nice to be able to get so much done in that time, cleaned the house, wrote my blog post for yesterday and made new social media buttons (check them out below, nice eh?). I felt really guilty but I shouldn’t have Aidan loves being up there because he gets spoilt rotten (just like he told you in his day in the life)

Happiest Moment 

I was so pleased to find that I had 36 bloglovin’ followers. I remember about 3 days after posting my first blog post saying to Clayton ”42 people read my blog!” so it’s crazy now to think people come back and don’t just end up here by accident.
I was featured as the weekly favourite (is that what its called?) on a few linkies too. How nice is that?

Next Week

I have many great plans for this week so hopefully I will actually do at least half of them. We (me and 10 members of my family) are going to the House of Horrors on Wednesday, I went two years ago and it was so much fun, I am excited and nervous all at once.
I hope to take A swimming with Emma this week too.
I will be spending a few days at my Mom’s house this week, I think, so I have a craft idea that involves her sewing machine.
We are thinking of maybe a Mommy & Daddy night out over the bank holiday weekend.


Until next time,
El x


A day in the life of A

9:04am: Mommy finally woke up, I’ve been looking at her for ages!

9:10am: We went downstairs. Mommy changed my nappy and gave me a bottle. Nothing like a nice bottle when you wake up.

9:25am: Mom made me watch a TV show about people watching TV shows?! Grown ups are strange! She ate her breakfast, and didn’t share as usual. I stare and I stare but she doesn’t seem to get the hint!

10:30am: Finally she gives me some grown up food. It’s from Ella’s Kitchen, now I’ve never met Ella but she makes a mean blueberry brekkie I tell ya!

11am: We went to visit Nanny & Grandad! I love going there because I just need to put on a little lip and they will carry me all around the house, suckers! We played on my mat for a while, they think it’s amazing when I roll over, maybe they should get a hobby? Like watching a TV show about people watching TV sho….

2pm: Sorry I seemed to drift off there, how rude of me. Nanny’s gone to work and me and mommy went to find her a swimsuit for swim class. Why is she looking at every swimsuit surely they all do the same thing?

2:30pm: TOY SHOP!!! We are in a toy shop but I don’t see and toys not even a book, all we’re getting is a bath sponge. Well that was disappointing!

3pm: We’re home. Hey did I tell you guys about how much fun it is to roll over while mommy changes my nappy? It’s like the most fun thing!

4pm: I wasn’t sure if I was tired or hungry so I drank half my bottle and took a nap, just to be sure.

5:30pm: I woke up and finished my bottle but turns out I was just tired so I spit it back out onto Mommy. She loves washing clothes, she does it all the time, so I was doing her a favour.

6pm: I hung out with Daddy while he was making dinner.

6:15pm: Mommy gave me dinner, from Ella again, I really need to meet this lady she’s awesome! My favourite part of dinner time is licking my dribbler afterwards just incase I missed any of the nice bits!

6:45pm: We all talk about what happened today. Mommy & Daddy keep repeating themselves ‘What are you saying?’ I’ve said it 10 times why do they keep asking?!

7:20pm: Bath time! I love singing and splashing in the bath. It’s super fun!

7:45pm: Oh I am sleepy now! Mommy gave me a lovely warm bottle before I go to bed. If I manage to stay awake she will read my a story, maybe The Gruf………


My Water Baby

As I mentioned in my #happydays post, on Sunday me & A went swimming! We took part in a water babies taster class. Aidan hated bath time when he was born, then loved it, then hated it so I thought swimming might help him get over any fear he might be experiencing. 

Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos during the class so I only have this sneaky one from the dressing room afterwards.

The class was at 1:30 which is also Aidan’s nap time meaning that when we arrived at the pool he was fast asleep. I woke him to get him dressed in his swim nappy which resulted in floods of tears and wailing. I began to think that this class would not go well if it had started out like this.

Me & A were the first in the pool (which was heated 32 degress+.. amazing!), there were no tears just a very questioning look on his face and lots of looking around at the other babies. 

As the class began it was obvious that Aidan has no fear of the water and loved being in the pool. He didn’t cry once the entire time he was in there, not even when the instructor put him completely underwater! He was the demonstration baby for most of the activities because he was so placid in the water. 

Aidan had a natural reflex to swim, when I put him into the instructed position to get him used to going against the water his legs and arms began to doggy paddle! How can someone so young know how to act in water? It was bizzare to me!

I will definitely be taking Aidan swimming again and enrolling him in a baby swim class as soon as I can.

Until next time,
El x

Beaba Review | Weaning

Preparing Aidan’s food

I recently posted about my baby weaning meals, so I thought I would tell you about what products I’ve depended on for the weaning process. 
I like matching sets, colourful items and the easiest route possible, Beaba ticks all those boxes. I spent hours online (I’m starting to feel like I say this a lot! I swear I do other things too, promise!) trying to find the best weaning products so after using them for several weeks here are my opinions, which might help some future weaners (how funny does that sound!)

Beaba Babycook Solo (gypsy):


I honestly think if I didn’t have the babycook I would end up buying pre-made meals for Aidan but it’s so easy with the babycook. It does it all, steams, blends, defrosts and reheats making weaning a lot easier. You can blend it to whatever consistency suits your baby. I fell in love with the colour and size immediately, it takes up hardly any room making it ideal for any size kitchen. Its easy to operate and easy to clean (which is very important!)

Beaba Vegetable chopping board:

To make things even easier I got the Beaba vegetable (and fruit) chopping board. This means that I can chop the food for steaming in a matter of seconds. The chopping board cuts the food into 1cm cubes, the perfect size for steaming in the Babycook. It also has a hole which fits perfectly  over the Babycook and the portion jars meaning that nothing falls onto the floor. There’s rubber grips on the end of the chopping board so that it doesn’t slid, and ridges around the edge to avoid spills. It comes with a brush which is perfect for cleaning out the chopping spaces, I forgot about the brush the first couple of times I used it and trying to clean in between the gaps was impossible! 

Beaba food portion jars:


Now I know you’re thinking ok all food portion jars do the same thing but these jars do more than just hold food. The can be frozen and then put directly into the babycook to defrost and reheat! This means less washing up, now who doesn’t want that? The lid is also really snug when in place stop spillages in transit (which I have been subject to with another portion jar I’ve used).

Beaba first stage spoons:

Again there are many first stage spoons available and I decided on Beaba simply because I like to have everything matching. The spoons are great because they are very soft plastic meaning they don’t hurt A’s sensitive teething gums at all. Also, they are quite shallow making it super easy for him to get his food off. And they’re so colourful that I think he might be starting to think they’re toys.

I am definitely a huge Beaba fan and have not been disappointed with any of their products. I still have the pasta/rice attachment to try in a few weeks and the second stage spoons. I’m thinking of adding the weighing scales to my Beaba collection, it would be ideal for measuring out rice and pasta as well as ingredients for A’s more complex foods.

Hope this helps anyone who is about to face the joys of weaning.
Until next time,
El x 


*Beaba did not send my any of these products this is just my honest opinion on my weaning products
All photos are taken from, unless stated otherwise *



*Warning: Lots of photos this week!*
we love #happydays

I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. 

Out and About 

Terrible weather has made me quite home bound this week. We have left the house but only to visit other people’s houses really. Aidan went for a walk with his Daddy yesterday so I got to do a major social media creep. Here’s a photo they took, now I don’t know why there is umbrellas hanging from the sky but with the recent weather I don’t hear anyone complaining. Many a frizzy head were saved I’d imagine.

Fun at home 

This week I didn’t have much fun at home I destroyed my changing bag TWICE and had to risk ruining it by washing it TWICE! Did I mention it happened more than once?
I did scrub (hands & knees kind of thing) my floors, skirting and all other things at crawling level. I am not expecting A to start crawling anytime soon but with him constantly rolling I want everything at that level to be nice and clean. Yes cleaning counts as fun for me.
We’ve watched Disney Junior a bit this week (Why is it when I’m trying to sleep I end up singing ‘It’s ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little’?
We are also reviewing a very cool app which both me and Aidan are loving so keep an eye out for that review in a couple of weeks.

Aidan enjoying his first Liga

Time for me

Yeah about that.. I have promised myself that this week I am going to have a bath. Not for hygiene just for time for me, alone.
I did get a lie in yesterday though so I guess that counts.

Happiest Moment 

Aidan absolutely cracked up at the garlic mayonnaise tub the other night, had us all in stitches! 
I reached 30 bloglovin’ followers! Thanks everyone 🙂
Aidan got to spend some time with his cousin Emma (my goddaughter)- and didn’t cry! It only took 10 weeks for him to warm to her, and he even gave her a cuddle this time too!

Emma (10 weeks) & A (20 weeks) -See his
arm around her? Oh and my nan in the
background there.

Don’t they look so happy about getting their photo taken?

Next Week

We have Water Babies swim class tomorrow, I am very excited. My cousin & baby Emma are coming too so that will be nice. 
We are also going to look at new kitchen flooring (I am probably more excited about this then I should be) referring back to Aidan being on the floor all the time now – the kitchen flooring has to go!
And my friend Emma will be here in a few hours! I haven’t seen her in weeks so I am super excited.

Until next time,
El x