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A day in the life of A

9:04am: Mommy finally woke up, I’ve been looking at her for ages!

9:10am: We went downstairs. Mommy changed my nappy and gave me a bottle. Nothing like a nice bottle when you wake up.

9:25am: Mom made me watch a TV show about people watching TV shows?! Grown ups are strange! She ate her breakfast, and didn’t share as usual. I stare and I stare but she doesn’t seem to get the hint!

10:30am: Finally she gives me some grown up food. It’s from Ella’s Kitchen, now I’ve never met Ella but she makes a mean blueberry brekkie I tell ya!

11am: We went to visit Nanny & Grandad! I love going there because I just need to put on a little lip and they will carry me all around the house, suckers! We played on my mat for a while, they think it’s amazing when I roll over, maybe they should get a hobby? Like watching a TV show about people watching TV sho….

2pm: Sorry I seemed to drift off there, how rude of me. Nanny’s gone to work and me and mommy went to find her a swimsuit for swim class. Why is she looking at every swimsuit surely they all do the same thing?

2:30pm: TOY SHOP!!! We are in a toy shop but I don’t see and toys not even a book, all we’re getting is a bath sponge. Well that was disappointing!

3pm: We’re home. Hey did I tell you guys about how much fun it is to roll over while mommy changes my nappy? It’s like the most fun thing!

4pm: I wasn’t sure if I was tired or hungry so I drank half my bottle and took a nap, just to be sure.

5:30pm: I woke up and finished my bottle but turns out I was just tired so I spit it back out onto Mommy. She loves washing clothes, she does it all the time, so I was doing her a favour.

6pm: I hung out with Daddy while he was making dinner.

6:15pm: Mommy gave me dinner, from Ella again, I really need to meet this lady she’s awesome! My favourite part of dinner time is licking my dribbler afterwards just incase I missed any of the nice bits!

6:45pm: We all talk about what happened today. Mommy & Daddy keep repeating themselves ‘What are you saying?’ I’ve said it 10 times why do they keep asking?!

7:20pm: Bath time! I love singing and splashing in the bath. It’s super fun!

7:45pm: Oh I am sleepy now! Mommy gave me a lovely warm bottle before I go to bed. If I manage to stay awake she will read my a story, maybe The Gruf………


27 thoughts on “A day in the life of A

  1. I am jealous of your life!
    And I think you have to meet my daughter. She also loves roll over during diaper change!
    You have so much in common!
    Kisses for a Greek mom!

  2. This sounds so familiar, as it is similar to my daughter’s schedule when she was this age. Great to tell your day from your son’s perspective; it made me smile. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Ah what a lovely post! Sounds so relaxed – I don’t think I have ever slept until 9 since my first was born in 2009! Lucky you πŸ™‚ thanks for linking up with #sundaystars

  4. Great photo! We are huge Ella fans too! But….. how on earth did you get up at 9?????? Thanks for sharing this and for linking up #bigfatlinky

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