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Aidan swag | BOOTD

I’ve never done a BOOTD or any OOTD for that matter but I do enjoy looking at other peoples so here goes…
Top (Long sleeved vest): Tesco
Pants: Primark

Top: Tesco
Pants: Primark
Dribble Bib: Heatons

Hat: H&M
Dribble Bib: Heatons
Top: Dunnes
Jeans: Dunnes
Shoes: Office

(Ok I know its not really a good picture but it was a super cute outfit so I wanted to include it)
Dribble Bib: Primark
Jumper: Zara
Chinos: H&M

Dribble Bib: Primark
Long sleeved vest: Primark
Pants: Heatons

Until next time,
El x

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