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Autumn is coming

Oh I hated writing that title! Don’t get me wrong I’m Irish so autumn weather I am well used to, but after such a great summer I am welcoming it a little bitter sweetly. So I am grabbing autumn with both one.. Autumns here let’s just get on with it.

My Autumn bucket list:

-Cosy nights by the fire
Its pretty self explanatory but I do love being snuggled up in front of a blazing fire with a cup of tea.

-Aidan in fluffy pj’s
Aidan got his first fluffy sleepsuit last week end which is so soft I don’t know how I will ever let him go. Have you ever seen the ones that are teddy bears? Oh I die!

-Candles in the evening
I love candles all year around but in autumn and winter especially. I think it adds a cosy feel to a room just having a candle lit with dim lighting. I am going on an autumnal candle hunt soon too so suggestions are welcome.

– Halloween & dressing A up
So as I mentioned in a previous post my Nan would always host a halloween party when we were younger and seen as my closest (local) cousin is 14 now they haven’t been around for a while but with two new (local) great grandkids rumour on the street she’s bringing it back. If she does it will mean Aidan and my god daughter, Emma in their cute little halloween costumes so expect lots of photos.

-Autumnal walks, surrounded by fallen leaves
I get really excited about the idea of taking A on nature walks. I don’t really know why because I’m not a huge outdoorsy person but the idea of taking him out in the falling leaves makes me happy.

-Photos of A in leaves
This ties in with the previous plan of autumn walks. If my OCD lets me put A down in the leaves I would love to get a photo of his surrounded by the colourful autumn leaves. Maybe I will try and catch some as they fall from the tree and before they hit the ground and bring them into the house and tell everyone they were taken outside?

-Decorate for Halloween
I was never a big halloween celebrator (is that what they’re called?) I was more of a christmas enthusiast (Or that?) but having small kids around makes all the hoidays more exciting. Also, I’ve been very inspired by some of the halloween posts that have been popping up on my feed, we have some crafty moms out there!

-Improve my blog

I would love to be more active with blog posts and commenting. I would be delighted to reach 30 bloglovin followers before Winter hits! Maybe get better at photography too, I’d love to know how people photography so beautifully! 

-Finish Aidan’s nursery

I am contemplating putting A in his own room soon meaning I need to get it finished ASAP. Maybe I am putting it off because I don’t want to put him in on his own? Haha.

What’s your favourite thing about the Autumn season? Any Halloween plans?

Until next time,
El x


2 thoughts on “Autumn is coming

  1. Sounds like you have a lot of great plans!
    I love this time of year….Getting all cozy with candles and blankets.
    I love Halloween….Even more so since having kids.
    Good luck with reaching 30 followers by winter! You’re nearly there already 😀

  2. I love summer soooo much but you make a very compelling point for Autumn – I love all these things too. What a great bucket list 🙂 Good luck! Thanks for linking in to #TheList xxx

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