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Beaba Review | Weaning

Preparing Aidan’s food

I recently posted about my baby weaning meals, so I thought I would tell you about what products I’ve depended on for the weaning process. 
I like matching sets, colourful items and the easiest route possible, Beaba ticks all those boxes. I spent hours online (I’m starting to feel like I say this a lot! I swear I do other things too, promise!) trying to find the best weaning products so after using them for several weeks here are my opinions, which might help some future weaners (how funny does that sound!)

Beaba Babycook Solo (gypsy):


I honestly think if I didn’t have the babycook I would end up buying pre-made meals for Aidan but it’s so easy with the babycook. It does it all, steams, blends, defrosts and reheats making weaning a lot easier. You can blend it to whatever consistency suits your baby. I fell in love with the colour and size immediately, it takes up hardly any room making it ideal for any size kitchen. Its easy to operate and easy to clean (which is very important!)

Beaba Vegetable chopping board:

To make things even easier I got the Beaba vegetable (and fruit) chopping board. This means that I can chop the food for steaming in a matter of seconds. The chopping board cuts the food into 1cm cubes, the perfect size for steaming in the Babycook. It also has a hole which fits perfectly  over the Babycook and the portion jars meaning that nothing falls onto the floor. There’s rubber grips on the end of the chopping board so that it doesn’t slid, and ridges around the edge to avoid spills. It comes with a brush which is perfect for cleaning out the chopping spaces, I forgot about the brush the first couple of times I used it and trying to clean in between the gaps was impossible! 

Beaba food portion jars:


Now I know you’re thinking ok all food portion jars do the same thing but these jars do more than just hold food. The can be frozen and then put directly into the babycook to defrost and reheat! This means less washing up, now who doesn’t want that? The lid is also really snug when in place stop spillages in transit (which I have been subject to with another portion jar I’ve used).

Beaba first stage spoons:

Again there are many first stage spoons available and I decided on Beaba simply because I like to have everything matching. The spoons are great because they are very soft plastic meaning they don’t hurt A’s sensitive teething gums at all. Also, they are quite shallow making it super easy for him to get his food off. And they’re so colourful that I think he might be starting to think they’re toys.

I am definitely a huge Beaba fan and have not been disappointed with any of their products. I still have the pasta/rice attachment to try in a few weeks and the second stage spoons. I’m thinking of adding the weighing scales to my Beaba collection, it would be ideal for measuring out rice and pasta as well as ingredients for A’s more complex foods.

Hope this helps anyone who is about to face the joys of weaning.
Until next time,
El x 


*Beaba did not send my any of these products this is just my honest opinion on my weaning products
All photos are taken from, unless stated otherwise *


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