I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. 

Out and About 

Weather has been a bit yuck, I guess the Autumn has finally arrived. It means more fires but less outings. 

Clearly loves his autumnal walks
There’s always a rainbow after the rain

We did go looking at kitchen flooring at the beginning of the week which is awesome (you’ll see when when I post before and after pics!). So hopefully our landlord will ok that for us soon and we can get it done asap.
We went swimming on Sunday, which was great! We were supposed to go to the pool on Thursday but I had the option of a lie in so I was selfish but I will try get there this week.

Fun at home 

I moved Aidan to stage 2 Ella’s Kitchen pouches, he prefers lumpy food, and its been hilarious to see his reaction. He has never refused any food (except the time I made pears) but the cheesy pie took him a while to get used to.
I got my whole house clean, probably one of the highlights of my week, sad I know.

Time for me

Ok, no bath happened like planned but I did get one or two lie ins which was great. And, on Thursday, I left Aidan with my Mom for the first time so that I could get the house sorted (ref: #wickedwednesday) and it was really nice to be able to get so much done in that time, cleaned the house, wrote my blog post for yesterday and made new social media buttons (check them out below, nice eh?). I felt really guilty but I shouldn’t have Aidan loves being up there because he gets spoilt rotten (just like he told you in his day in the life)

Happiest Moment 

I was so pleased to find that I had 36 bloglovin’ followers. I remember about 3 days after posting my first blog post saying to Clayton ”42 people read my blog!” so it’s crazy now to think people come back and don’t just end up here by accident.
I was featured as the weekly favourite (is that what its called?) on a few linkies too. How nice is that?

Next Week

I have many great plans for this week so hopefully I will actually do at least half of them. We (me and 10 members of my family) are going to the House of Horrors on Wednesday, I went two years ago and it was so much fun, I am excited and nervous all at once.
I hope to take A swimming with Emma this week too.
I will be spending a few days at my Mom’s house this week, I think, so I have a craft idea that involves her sewing machine.
We are thinking of maybe a Mommy & Daddy night out over the bank holiday weekend.


Until next time,
El x


3 thoughts on “#HappyDays

  1. I can remember saying the exact same thing to Mr F! I was also amazed that people in America or even crazier places like Lithuania etc people were reading my blog! It is just so strange! It is really lovely when you know someone has chosen to follow you though isn’t it?
    Love the rainbow, I hardly ever see them so it is always nice when you catch one! Hope you manage some ‘us’ time this week. Thanks for joining in again for #HappyDaysLinky xx

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