*Warning: Lots of photos this week!*
we love #happydays

I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. 

Out and About 

Terrible weather has made me quite home bound this week. We have left the house but only to visit other people’s houses really. Aidan went for a walk with his Daddy yesterday so I got to do a major social media creep. Here’s a photo they took, now I don’t know why there is umbrellas hanging from the sky but with the recent weather I don’t hear anyone complaining. Many a frizzy head were saved I’d imagine.

Fun at home 

This week I didn’t have much fun at home I destroyed my changing bag TWICE and had to risk ruining it by washing it TWICE! Did I mention it happened more than once?
I did scrub (hands & knees kind of thing) my floors, skirting and all other things at crawling level. I am not expecting A to start crawling anytime soon but with him constantly rolling I want everything at that level to be nice and clean. Yes cleaning counts as fun for me.
We’ve watched Disney Junior a bit this week (Why is it when I’m trying to sleep I end up singing ‘It’s ok if you giggle, this will only tickle a little’?
We are also reviewing a very cool app which both me and Aidan are loving so keep an eye out for that review in a couple of weeks.

Aidan enjoying his first Liga

Time for me

Yeah about that.. I have promised myself that this week I am going to have a bath. Not for hygiene just for time for me, alone.
I did get a lie in yesterday though so I guess that counts.

Happiest Moment 

Aidan absolutely cracked up at the garlic mayonnaise tub the other night, had us all in stitches! 
I reached 30 bloglovin’ followers! Thanks everyone 🙂
Aidan got to spend some time with his cousin Emma (my goddaughter)- and didn’t cry! It only took 10 weeks for him to warm to her, and he even gave her a cuddle this time too!

Emma (10 weeks) & A (20 weeks) -See his
arm around her? Oh and my nan in the
background there.

Don’t they look so happy about getting their photo taken?

Next Week

We have Water Babies swim class tomorrow, I am very excited. My cousin & baby Emma are coming too so that will be nice. 
We are also going to look at new kitchen flooring (I am probably more excited about this then I should be) referring back to Aidan being on the floor all the time now – the kitchen flooring has to go!
And my friend Emma will be here in a few hours! I haven’t seen her in weeks so I am super excited.

Until next time,
El x

7 thoughts on “#happydays

  1. I LOVE the umbrellas! What a cool idea!
    Do I want to know how you destroyed the changing bag twice? Hoping it was something like spilled juice…! Cleaning has recently made me happy too, I am not a naturally tidy person but something has clicked into place recently!
    Bless those photos of Aidan and Emma together! How lovely that they are so close in age. Thank you for joining in with #HappyDaysLinky hope to see you again next week xx

  2. Aww lovely photos! We did water babies and loved it so I’m sure you will have a fab time!! I’m glad you enjoyed your cleaning.. Sorry about your change bag, my pink lining has lost al the colour on the bottom where it faded in the sun grrrr!! Have a great week xxx

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