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My skin and me

-So much better now

I’ve always had bad skin, from the moment I turned into a teen my skin just decided we weren’t going to be friends! I ended up with lumps and bumps all over my face. I don’t think I realised it was as bad as it was until a boy once said ‘eww you’re face is all red and purple?’ – yes, he was a… nasty person! It was then I decided to give up chocolate, crisps and junk food, I didn’t touch any of them for month – nothing! I tried dairy, again months – nothing! I visited the doctor, who rated my acne an 8, and told me that it was completely hormonal and that avoiding certain foods was pointless. I was around 15 at this stage and she suggested I go on the pill to help regulate my hormones. It wasn’t very helpful really, the first few months were good but then back to it always had been.

I tried endless creams and washes, including a steroid cream, but nothing seemed to work. Everybody would say ‘oh you will grow out of it by the time you’re 18’. 18 came and went with zero change. ‘Oh you’re almost at the end now, by the time you’re 20!’. 20 passed but the acne did not. I look back now and think I was in denial about how much it did affect me, if somebody talked to me about my skin I would shut down and answer with a simple nod or grunt, not being rude but just not wanted to address it because I knew I couldn’t change it.

Then I got pregnant and things got so much worse. I developed what I now know was cystic acne. From the minute I got pregnant, even before I found out, the lumps began to appear, many big as 1 inch in diameter. The first couple were at the side of my face just before I went on holidays and were almost black with bruising, if I touched them I would almost be in tears with the pain. Eventually they spread to my face, looking like boils and extremely painful. I hated them so much that I stuck pins in them to drain them, which I completely regret now because I am left with alot of scarring and bruising that does not seem to fade. I have one photo of me and Aidan from when he was born and I have never shown anybody because of my skin. 

First I tried the Mario Badescu, a natural range which have a product for cystic acne. Unfortunately it didn’t help me at all.

Coming to the end of my pregnancy I purchased a Clarisonic brush and the Boots tea tree and witch hazel range. Don’t ask me why I chose this range, I hadn’t hear any good things about it or anything about it at all for that matter but lucky for me I did. The skin care products have literally given me new skin, ok well it’s still mine but so much better. I can go weeks without getting a spot (until those dreaded few days in the month) which was unheard of before using them. Even when I do get a breakout it’s one or two spots not a face full like I was accustomed to.

-When Aidan was first born
-A couple of weeks later

As of right now I am very happy with my skin with regards to breakouts and lack there of. I still have alot of scarring but I am hoping that if I start using my clarisonic they might begin to fade.

Basically I want any teenager or adult out there reading this and suffering from acne to know that as much as I know you don’t want to hear that it will get better ‘someday’ in the future, it will. I highly recommend trying the Boots range but just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will for you, but one day something will and you will forget ever having skin as bad as you do, honestly. I had almost given up and assumed I would have bad skin forever but thankfully I have finally found something that works.

Oh and for girls out there I done a lot of research when I was choosing make up (one well known brand would cause me severe breakouts almost like the cystic acne) and Estee Lauder Double Wear is the only foundation I found with full coverage that doesn’t contain anything on the ‘things to avoid’ list. I haven’t had a breakout since using it, apart from one night I slept without taking it off but that is my own fault.

Until next time,
El x

5 thoughts on “My skin and me

  1. oh hun what a brave and honest post. Cystic Acne sounds horrid, I had no idea that it was so painful and I’m glad you have now found some products that work. I think you look lovely in the first picture with Aidan,very content! I use Estee Lauder double wear too, I love it! xxx

  2. Congratulations on beating the dreaded breakouts! Sounds like you’ve had a hard time and tried all sorts of different potential solutions. You’re obviously a strong, confident woman but I’m sure it wasn’t always that way. Taking control of the situation has obviously helped you and now you’re helping other with your story and this inspiring post.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the very first #StarSunday linky. Hope to see you again next week.

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