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Favourite thing about 2014

Obviously Aidan’s birth is my favourite thing about 2014 but since I just blogged my birth story over at Mum’s Days I thought I would write about my second favourite thing about 2014.

My second favourite thing that happened in 2014 was starting El and Baby A. I remember telling Clayton I was thinking about writing a blog for at least two weeks before I actually started – procrastination at its finest.

I was worried that it would be a complete failure and that I would become an internet laughing stock. Finally, I decided that I would write, as myself, but not share my blog posts on my personal social media. At least if I failed only ”digital people” would be laughing and no real life people needed to know about my little secret. Now, after 3 months of blogging I am very proud of my little internet corner and share it with both ‘digital’ and ‘real life’ people.

After a few weeks it was obvious that I had introduced myself to an amazing community. Honestly, any blogger I have come across have been nothing but supportive, positive and altogether inspiring. I feel like I have lots of new friends at my finger tips, which has been great when Clayton has worked long hours. It is nice to know there is always someone going through the same things as you and will help anyway they can, from teething to tech support.

I love that I have a digital, hopefully permanent (once Kim K doesn’t manage to break the internet) record of everything. All the adventures we undertake, the small details that I didn’t think were important at the time and the major milestones we got so excited about.

Blogging has opened up many doors and has become a new, exciting adventure. Now, I am happy I made the decision to blog. El and Baby A is my second baby this year. 

What’s your favourite thing that happened in 2014?

Until next time,
El x

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Christmas Collection | Link up

Incase you hadn’t heard by now Christmas is one month away! I cannot contain my excitement. Yesterday I put my decorations up and I have written a few Christmas themed posts too. Which got me thinking, why not try a Christmas linky so I can be sure I get around to everyone elses Christmas posts. So, without further adu I present the Christmas Collection. It does exactly what it says on the tin, a collection of Christmas posts. 

I will keep the link up open until Christmas Eve and I would love if you could link your posts below.


  • You can link as many posts as you like over the month
  • Feel free to share it via twitter, facebook, etc. (If you tag me I will retweet all entries @_ellenokeeffe) #christmascollection
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  • Visit a few others, you never know what you might find
El and Baby A

HappyDays #08

I am linking up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said the lovely hosts of the Happy Days link up. 

Out and About 

Stupid weather is getting very wintry making outings a little less appealing. We did make it into town to see Santa arrive at Winterval and the turning on of the Christmas lights. The rain and fog made the pictures rather disappointing but we will be going in a few more times so I will have lots of pictures then.

We also done a little Christmas shopping at the beginning of the week.

Fun at home 

Fun? Ehh cutting teeth is far from fun! I don’t have too many pictures this week either because I’ve mainly just been trying to remain sane between all the crying. Still no teeth but Aidan doesn’t seem to be in pain (worth sceaming about anyway) so everyone is a little happier.

”Gosh I just love yogurt!”

”My I can almost sit up smile”

Time for Me 

Yeah about that.. I have come to the conclusion that ‘time for me’ is a rare occurrence, but I’m ok with it because I miss A loads when I am away from him. He is gone into his own room which means I can now watch TV in bed – and not Disney Junior!!

Happiest Moment 

Getting Aidan’s Christmas books. I have been in love with these since I saw them on facebook and had to get them. They will be a nice thing to keep away until Christmas each year. The start of a tradition.

Next Week

Aidan’s going to see Santa next Saturday morning. I can’t wait for that!


Until next time,
El x


Welcoming Santa to Winterval

Tonight Santa arrived in Waterford for Winterval. Sadly, because this is Ireland the rain made a very unwelcome visit. Still, hundreds of people braved the rain to welcome the main man all the way from the North Pole as he officially opened this years Winterval festival. Here’s a few photos of Santa and a sneak peak at Winterval – fog and rain reduced the photo quality but I promise lots good of Winterval photos soon.

El and Baby A

Christmas traditions

Having Aidan’s first Christmas this year has my thinking up all sorts of things I want to do with him. I think traditions at Christmas are half of the fun and excitement so I’ve been thinking about some of the traditions that I want to carry on with A and some new ones I can add too.

My traditions:

  • Christmas Eve Dinner: Every year on Christmas eve my entire family (and even some extras) go for dinner together. It’s something that every one of us looks forward to, and even though we may not see each other too often it’s as if we talk all the time. I love that my family is so close and I am looking forward to Aidan being a part of that experience this year.

  • Christmas Eve pyjamas: Every year after we got back from dinner my Mom would have new pyjamas wrapped up for me under the tree. For Aidan, when he is younger, I plan to do a Christmas eve box. In the box will be new pyjamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas DVD and some sweets to have with the DVD. 

  • Christmas day visiting: For as long as I can remember the majority of Christmas morning-lunch was spent in my Nan’s house and this year will be no different. I think I will continue to bring Aidan as long as I can because he is very lucky to have two great-grandparents in his life.

New traditions:

  • Book Advent calender: I saw this idea first on Dolly Dowsie, and thought what a great idea! I picked up these two books this week. Although Aidan’s too young to understand Christmas or Advent calenders I plan to keep these for every year. They are some of the most beautiful Christmas books I’ve ever seen. Now just to find a nice personalised one.
Top: Santa is coming to Waterford (hardback)- All about Santa’s journey to Waterford. Includes several place names and slang names. Also, includes Aidan’s name (just a coincidence).

Bottom: Santa Claus The book of secrets (hardback) – Written by Santa, he talks about becoming Santa, his elves, the naughty and nice list and what he does throughout the year. 

  • Winterval: I am so excited to take Aidan to Winterval (and to share it with you guys too). Christmas will always be my favourite time of year but having a town that completely transforms into a Christmas festival makes it so much more special. We are very lucky to have it run again this year and hopefully many more. If you ever get the chance to visit for Winterval I highly recommend it.

  • Present opening: Ok so I’ve this one in italics because I need your opinions. When I was growing up we opened all our presents as soon as we got up and that meant that everything appeared at once and it was basically open,wow,next. Now, my Aunt, said that when they were kids they would open a couple of gifts before breakfast then a few when they returned from visiting and the rest after dinner. I wonder would this make the suspese of the day last longer or just result in many tantrums? I love the idea of presents being appreciated and prolonged suspence, but its also prolonged agony of telling kids ‘not yet’. 

What traditions have you got? How did you open your presents on Christmas day?
Until next time,
El x

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Mums' Days

El and Baby A

He’s gone | Aidan

For weeks I wondered when to do it, how to approach it but mainly could I handle it, was I ready? No time felt completely perfect. So many excuses were made, I don’t have the new curtains, there are clothes in his cot. I think I would have came up with any excuse. What if he woke in the middle of the night – alone?

The ‘recommended’ time to keep a baby in your room with you is up until at least 6 months, I held onto the at least part. However, I also began to think that keeping him with me was mearly for my benefit and could maybe result in the transition being more traumatic for A when he was older, more aware of what had happened. So many thoughts on the entire situation.

Then we get to last Friday, Ireland V Scotland was on the TV at the same time as Children in Need meaning a (very regular) clash on what was to be put on. We have a second TV upstairs in our room, which has been redundant the last 6 months. Well now was as good a time as any to try moving Aidan into his own room. I think I made the decision to do it before I really had time to even think about what that meant. Before the realisation that by moving my baby to his own room he was growing up and therefore less dependant on me, a bitter sweet thought.

Seems to like his new cot

We spent the rest of the evening sorting out the room, changing the bed sheets, putting up the temperary curtains and moving the furniture. Then, 8pm came and it was time for bed. Usually A falls asleep on his bedtime bottle and therefore is total unaware of where he ends up sleeping but not tonight. Tonight Aidan was wide awake and well aware of his new surroundings. After comforting him to sleep I realised that I hadn’t set up his monitor, which includes a sensor pad for under his mattress. Disaster! 

Me and Clayton somehow got the pad under the mattress without waking Aidan! Looking back now he went down extremely well considering it was a completely new surrounding to him. He woke around 2/3am crying and I took him straight back into our room. I kick myself now but I knew that Clayton was working the following morning and I would be getting up with Aidan so some sleep was better than none.

Saturday night, Day 2: Aidan went to bed awake again around 7:45 and after very little fussing fell asleep. He woke a few times for his dummy, all within an hour so I think he mightn’t have got into a deep enough sleep before losing his dummy. Then, he slept until 8:30 the next morning! 

Sunday night, Day 3: Much the same as Saturday except he woke a little more often and got up at 7:30. I think this may have been his teeth though because they are so close to cutting, although it feels like it’s taking an eternity.

I have been lucky so far that Aidan doesn’t seem to mind being in a new room, new cot or having his own room. Part of me kind of wanted him to be a little more upset about being away from me, but my little boy became a little less little on Friday. 

How has the room transition gone for your little one? 

Until next time,
El x

Happy Days #07

I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. I love this weekly round up link!

Out and About 

Ok hands up, I admit it, I’ve been super lazy this week. I visited my Nan and done the grocery shopping at that about sums up my activity outside the house. In my defence, the weather has been awful and the majority of the week we were on flood warnings.

Fun at home 

We had a play date with baby Emma at the beginning of the week. I don’t really think Aidan even knew she was there though. Then he went to sleep, such a great host!

Aidan had toast for the first time and although it was super messy, he loved it. Oh and a similar experience with yogurt too.

I tried some messy play with Aidan this week, using spaghetti and food colouring. Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it was very messy and I am still find marks of red food dye on his Tripp Trapp (who said white was a good idea?)

Less fun was the teething baby I had at the beginning of the week. How heartbreaking is teething? He looks so terrified, like he had no idea why this was happening. Luckily the calpol would help ease the pain and let him get some sleep.

We also moved Aidan into his own room last night. I will be writing a post about that during the week. 

Blog Stuff

Shameless plugging here, it’s the last few days of my FarFaria giveaway if you haven’t entered yet .

Time for Me 

I only noticed now that last week my ‘time for me’ section somehow disappeared. Like all other weeks I’ve not been too great at this but I did manage to begin a nail treatment when Aidan was napping. I think if all goes well with Aidan in his own room I might start make more time for me, having the ability to turn the light on in a room can make a huge difference ha ha.

Happiest Moment 

Yesterday evening when Aidan absolutely cracked up at my hair (which was in a top knot), and afterwards when I found his tickles (even though they have since disappeared). His smile and laugh make me smile so much! 

Next Week

Clayton’s got a few days off at the beginning of the week so hopefully we will get some dry weather and we can get out of the house for a while.


Until next time,
El x


To Mommies | Aidan

Dear Mommies,

I know that sometimes us babies can be very tough work. Sometimes, when we wake at 4am it’s just because we were lonely and just needed to see you, and maybe get a little cuddle too. We didn’t realise that you don’t get a daytime nap like us.


When we cry for no reason it’s because we are learning lots of new things and they make our brains hurt trying to understand. We don’t intentionally do it when you’ve just made tea, honest.


After you’ve just gotten ready to leave the house and we poop or get sick, meaning that we’re 30 minutes late. We’re not quite sure how to handle our excitement.
(Or times like when you sat down to write this blog post, with a cup of tea, and I had a poop explosion.) 


Even though we do all these things to make mommy life tiring and stressful (and smelly) you still protect us and make sure we are happy. You feed us, change us, keep us clean, take sock fluff from our toes, clean our ears and wear our sick on your shoulder like it’s a medal. Being a mommy seems like a really hard job but I promise we’re worth it. 

We love you Mommies,
Thanks! X

*P.S: Daddy, that time I wee’d in your tea, or the time I pooped in your hand, or drooled into your mouth.. That was just for my amusement! Your face! We love you too though 🙂 *

*Disclaimer: This may not be what babies actually think but it’s a nice thought when you have a screaming baby at 3am*

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