Favourite thing about 2014

Ellen / November 26, 2014

Obviously Aidan’s birth is my favourite thing about 2014 but since I just blogged my birth story over at Mum’s Days I thought I would write about my second favourite thing about 2014. My second favourite thing that happened in 2014 was starting El and Baby A. I remember telling Clayton I was thinking about writing a blog for at…

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christmas collection

Christmas Collection | Link up

Ellen / November 25, 2014

Incase you hadn’t heard by now Christmas is one month away! I cannot contain my excitement. Yesterday I put my decorations up and I have written a few Christmas themed posts too. Which got me thinking, why not try a Christmas linky so I can be sure I get around to everyone elses Christmas posts. So, without further adu I…

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HappyDays #08

Ellen / November 22, 2014

I am linking up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said the lovely hosts of the Happy Days link up.  Out and About  Stupid weather is getting very wintry making outings a little less appealing. We did make it into town to see Santa arrive at Winterval and the turning on of the Christmas lights. The rain and fog made the pictures rather disappointing but we will be…

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Christmas, waterford

Welcoming Santa to Winterval

Ellen / November 21, 2014

Tonight Santa arrived in Waterford for Winterval. Sadly, because this is Ireland the rain made a very unwelcome visit. Still, hundreds of people braved the rain to welcome the main man all the way from the North Pole as he officially opened this years Winterval festival. Here’s a few photos of Santa and a sneak peak at Winterval – fog…

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books, Christmas, tradition

Christmas traditions

Ellen / November 19, 2014

Having Aidan’s first Christmas this year has my thinking up all sorts of things I want to do with him. I think traditions at Christmas are half of the fun and excitement so I’ve been thinking about some of the traditions that I want to carry on with A and some new ones I can add too. My traditions: Christmas…

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He’s gone | Aidan

Ellen / November 17, 2014

For weeks I wondered when to do it, how to approach it but mainly could I handle it, was I ready? No time felt completely perfect. So many excuses were made, I don’t have the new curtains, there are clothes in his cot. I think I would have came up with any excuse. What if he woke in the middle…

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Happy Days #07

Ellen / November 15, 2014

I linked up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said hosts of #happydays. I love this weekly round up link! Out and About  Ok hands up, I admit it, I’ve been super lazy this week. I visited my Nan and done the grocery shopping at that about sums up my activity outside the house. In my defence, the weather has been awful and the majority…

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Aidan, by Aidan

To Mommies | Aidan

Ellen / November 14, 2014

Dear Mommies, I know that sometimes us babies can be very tough work. Sometimes, when we wake at 4am it’s just because we were lonely and just needed to see you, and maybe get a little cuddle too. We didn’t realise that you don’t get a daytime nap like us. Sorry. When we cry for no reason it’s because we…

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