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Christmas ideas for Aidan

I am really struggling to find Christmas presents for Aidan, who will be 7 months old at Christmas.
Here are a few things I think he would enjoy around Christmas and up until his birthday.
I will also be buying his big car seat too for Christmas but I am clueless about them so all recommendations are welcome.

1. Plastic playpen with activity centre
2. Vtech baby play & learn activity table
3. Play balls (I’ve already bought the ball pit)
4. Kid’s Block n Learn blocks
5. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise
6. Songbirds Phonics Collection

What did you get your little one around this age for Christmas? Have you begun to plan or even buy gifts yet?

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5 thoughts on “Christmas ideas for Aidan

  1. Lovely list! I’m sure he will adore all of them and books are always fabulous! I have a post on some toy recommendations that my kids and their cousins and friends *loved* at this age and that have lasted to pass onto other kids too. We love Melissa & Doug and for toys. Shape sorters are awesome, as are peg-pounders (Melissa & Doug does a good one) and musical instrument boxes! Here’s my list:

  2. Great list. Other than a ball pit and balls I’m totally stuck as to what to get Jasmine for Crimbo. I guess I should take advantage of the fact that she’ll have no idea what’s going on and save myself some pennies! 😉

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