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Christmas traditions

Having Aidan’s first Christmas this year has my thinking up all sorts of things I want to do with him. I think traditions at Christmas are half of the fun and excitement so I’ve been thinking about some of the traditions that I want to carry on with A and some new ones I can add too.

My traditions:

  • Christmas Eve Dinner: Every year on Christmas eve my entire family (and even some extras) go for dinner together. It’s something that every one of us looks forward to, and even though we may not see each other too often it’s as if we talk all the time. I love that my family is so close and I am looking forward to Aidan being a part of that experience this year.

  • Christmas Eve pyjamas: Every year after we got back from dinner my Mom would have new pyjamas wrapped up for me under the tree. For Aidan, when he is younger, I plan to do a Christmas eve box. In the box will be new pyjamas, a Christmas book, a Christmas DVD and some sweets to have with the DVD. 

  • Christmas day visiting: For as long as I can remember the majority of Christmas morning-lunch was spent in my Nan’s house and this year will be no different. I think I will continue to bring Aidan as long as I can because he is very lucky to have two great-grandparents in his life.

New traditions:

  • Book Advent calender: I saw this idea first on Dolly Dowsie, and thought what a great idea! I picked up these two books this week. Although Aidan’s too young to understand Christmas or Advent calenders I plan to keep these for every year. They are some of the most beautiful Christmas books I’ve ever seen. Now just to find a nice personalised one.
Top: Santa is coming to Waterford (hardback)- All about Santa’s journey to Waterford. Includes several place names and slang names. Also, includes Aidan’s name (just a coincidence).

Bottom: Santa Claus The book of secrets (hardback) – Written by Santa, he talks about becoming Santa, his elves, the naughty and nice list and what he does throughout the year. 

  • Winterval: I am so excited to take Aidan to Winterval (and to share it with you guys too). Christmas will always be my favourite time of year but having a town that completely transforms into a Christmas festival makes it so much more special. We are very lucky to have it run again this year and hopefully many more. If you ever get the chance to visit for Winterval I highly recommend it.

  • Present opening: Ok so I’ve this one in italics because I need your opinions. When I was growing up we opened all our presents as soon as we got up and that meant that everything appeared at once and it was basically open,wow,next. Now, my Aunt, said that when they were kids they would open a couple of gifts before breakfast then a few when they returned from visiting and the rest after dinner. I wonder would this make the suspese of the day last longer or just result in many tantrums? I love the idea of presents being appreciated and prolonged suspence, but its also prolonged agony of telling kids ‘not yet’. 

What traditions have you got? How did you open your presents on Christmas day?
Until next time,
El x

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19 thoughts on “Christmas traditions

  1. Some great traditions. Similar to you, this Xmas is our first with Baby L, so we’re trying to think up traditions so this is very timely. Winterval sounds awesome. When it came to present opening, we’ve always opened them at the same time rather than spread out during the day. But as long as I can remember, we’ve taken it in turns with each person opening a present rather than everyone running off into a corner and ripping open everything.

  2. So lovely, we adore Christmas and decorating the tree, the advent calendar, cooking together and precious family time. A lovely time of year. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  3. You’re right. Christmas traditions are such a major part of the holiday fun. I love your Christmas Eve Box and the books advent calendar ideas. Doing a few presents at a time sounds like a good idea – especially with a very little one – if he’s anything like mine, he’ll probably get sidetracked after opening one or two anyway. 🙂

  4. We have a Christmas eve dinner too except it is completely in place of the meal on actual Christmas day which is reserved for sweets!
    We have always opened all of our presents in one go and actually I agree it is open, next, open, next. But I know as a child I would have hated to wait. But then maybe starting early and training them right would make it something they are used to? I like the idea of treasuring gifts. I may join you in trialling it 🙂

  5. We have a dinner Christmas eve just us and we open our presents to each other. Christmas pajamas are a must as we have always done that. Christmas morning the family comes over and we open our presents, but it’s a bit more of a free for all because with 20 of us it would take far to long if we had to watch individually. and then we laze around and make Christmas dinner and we all eat a big meal till we burst and fall asleep early. 🙂

  6. I love your traditions!!! We started a new tradition of opening presents last year, normally we are get downstairs and open everything straight away, this year Santa mixed them all up with labels and we each got to pick one from under the tree and read the label out, and that was the present that was opened, we all watched them open it and then we moved on, it meant it slowed everything right down and I didn’t need to be in three places at once trying to sort out whose was whose presents and who they were from, we could all enjoy the morning together and I loved that!

  7. Lovely traditions, we started our traditions when our oldest was a baby, its lovely to have new traditions and old to grow up with. we open most of our presents at once, but I would suggest just go with the flow, one year we had some left for after lunch because the children were so engrossed in opening up the toys that we left some wrapped for later, other years they have opened them fairly quickly, Yes its abit next, next, next, but the children love it, its kind of what we done as children and it done me no harm. we tend to take it in turns or at least open one at a time together and not just rip into them, that way they all get to see what eachother has got. x

  8. Great traditions, I feel all festive now! I think stocking presents in bed, then breakfast, then the rest of the presents. Otherwise it is frustrating for them. My old best friend was allowed one present every hour and she hated it. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  9. I have been meaning to write a christmas traditions post!! we always watch the snowman with hot chocolate on christmas eve, now the girls are getting older we might watch a christmas film as we have lots. We always open presents from Santa and Mummy/daddy first thing, then nanny comes for croissants, and a play and we all head to the in-laws for dinner and presents there, then depending on the time we have more presents when we get home but in the last couple of years we get home late and so the children open the rest of their things on boxing day. We always go to nannys boxing day and swap presents with them then.

  10. Ah this is a lovely list of traditions! I love a bit of christmas tradition, its what makes christmas magical! Sounds like Baby A is going to have some wonderful christmas memories x

  11. Some lovely traditions! We always had new pyjamas on Christmas Eve, I have carried that on with my children. After their bath they find a parcel on their pillow with pyjamas and a Christmas book. x

  12. Great traditions there! As for presents, all ours are opened first thing as they have some more from grandparents after dinner, and then some more on Boxing Day! #familyfriday

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