HappyDays #08

I am linking up with Tiny foot steps and what katy said the lovely hosts of the Happy Days link up. 

Out and About 

Stupid weather is getting very wintry making outings a little less appealing. We did make it into town to see Santa arrive at Winterval and the turning on of the Christmas lights. The rain and fog made the pictures rather disappointing but we will be going in a few more times so I will have lots of pictures then.

We also done a little Christmas shopping at the beginning of the week.

Fun at home 

Fun? Ehh cutting teeth is far from fun! I don’t have too many pictures this week either because I’ve mainly just been trying to remain sane between all the crying. Still no teeth but Aidan doesn’t seem to be in pain (worth sceaming about anyway) so everyone is a little happier.

”Gosh I just love yogurt!”

”My I can almost sit up smile”

Time for Me 

Yeah about that.. I have come to the conclusion that ‘time for me’ is a rare occurrence, but I’m ok with it because I miss A loads when I am away from him. He is gone into his own room which means I can now watch TV in bed – and not Disney Junior!!

Happiest Moment 

Getting Aidan’s Christmas books. I have been in love with these since I saw them on facebook and had to get them. They will be a nice thing to keep away until Christmas each year. The start of a tradition.

Next Week

Aidan’s going to see Santa next Saturday morning. I can’t wait for that!


Until next time,
El x


4 thoughts on “HappyDays #08

  1. Oh dear, there seem to be a lot of babies on my blog list that are teething at the moment. People do seem to forget that it’s just as horrible for mummy too as we have to deal with trying to comfort a baby that doesn’t understand why they’re in pain.

    I hope both you and Aidan get some respite from it this coming week and that you get to enjoy the Winterval again. 🙂

  2. Oh Aidan is so, so cute. Look at him pretty much sitting up!! 🙂

    Teething sucks and it’s so horrible for both mummy and baby. You just feel utterly useless don’t you? 🙁

    Thanks for joining in with our #HappyDaysLinky.

    Can’t wait to hear about Aidan’s visit to see Santa.

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

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