He’s gone | Aidan

For weeks I wondered when to do it, how to approach it but mainly could I handle it, was I ready? No time felt completely perfect. So many excuses were made, I don’t have the new curtains, there are clothes in his cot. I think I would have came up with any excuse. What if he woke in the middle of the night – alone?

The ‘recommended’ time to keep a baby in your room with you is up until at least 6 months, I held onto the at least part. However, I also began to think that keeping him with me was mearly for my benefit and could maybe result in the transition being more traumatic for A when he was older, more aware of what had happened. So many thoughts on the entire situation.

Then we get to last Friday, Ireland V Scotland was on the TV at the same time as Children in Need meaning a (very regular) clash on what was to be put on. We have a second TV upstairs in our room, which has been redundant the last 6 months. Well now was as good a time as any to try moving Aidan into his own room. I think I made the decision to do it before I really had time to even think about what that meant. Before the realisation that by moving my baby to his own room he was growing up and therefore less dependant on me, a bitter sweet thought.

Seems to like his new cot

We spent the rest of the evening sorting out the room, changing the bed sheets, putting up the temperary curtains and moving the furniture. Then, 8pm came and it was time for bed. Usually A falls asleep on his bedtime bottle and therefore is total unaware of where he ends up sleeping but not tonight. Tonight Aidan was wide awake and well aware of his new surroundings. After comforting him to sleep I realised that I hadn’t set up his monitor, which includes a sensor pad for under his mattress. Disaster! 

Me and Clayton somehow got the pad under the mattress without waking Aidan! Looking back now he went down extremely well considering it was a completely new surrounding to him. He woke around 2/3am crying and I took him straight back into our room. I kick myself now but I knew that Clayton was working the following morning and I would be getting up with Aidan so some sleep was better than none.

Saturday night, Day 2: Aidan went to bed awake again around 7:45 and after very little fussing fell asleep. He woke a few times for his dummy, all within an hour so I think he mightn’t have got into a deep enough sleep before losing his dummy. Then, he slept until 8:30 the next morning! 

Sunday night, Day 3: Much the same as Saturday except he woke a little more often and got up at 7:30. I think this may have been his teeth though because they are so close to cutting, although it feels like it’s taking an eternity.

I have been lucky so far that Aidan doesn’t seem to mind being in a new room, new cot or having his own room. Part of me kind of wanted him to be a little more upset about being away from me, but my little boy became a little less little on Friday. 

How has the room transition gone for your little one? 

Until next time,
El x

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