Who needs a nanny?

I feel like I owe all my sanity to the Fisher Price Jumperoo today. After a busy week and even busier weekend the house looked like somewhere a squatter would pass off! Saturday I spent the entire day getting everyone ready for Emma’s christening. We had such a good night but last minute rushing meant everything was everywhere. After getting home from the party at 4am it’s safe to say Sunday was a write off and I couldn’t function until about 6pm. Thanks to Clayton for being super dad because I was mearly a shell of a human.

Now, we get to Monday and the house is a mess, Clayton’s back in work and Aidan wants constant amusement. Up until now A hasn’t really got the value from his Jumperoo because he didn’t exactly know how to master the bouncing and the turning. So today when I put him in I expected him to scream after about 10 minutes, but no! I got the house hoovered, all the living room organised (which was one of the biggest jobs!), the upstairs bathroom cleaned and a blog post written! I expected that to take me bout 2 hours plus, like usual, with going back and fourth to move A to something new to occupy him but no he was happy in his Jumperoo for over an hour! Then he took a bottle and slept for an hour! 

I feel like I could hug Mr. Fisher Price right now! Ok, that may be the sleep deprivation talking but I think he’s pretty awesome at the moment.

Until next time,
El x

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