2014 should have been….

2014 did not happen as I had planned it out.

2014 should have been my final year in college.

2014 should have been the year I found out what grade I would receive for my honours degree.

2014 should have been my last crazy wild college year.

2014 should have had several days of lie ins and late nights at parties.

2014 should have been my last year before I joined the grown up full-time working world.

In reality, 2014 turned out to be something way more exciting.

At the end of 2013 I realised what I thought was going to happen this year would be far from reality.
Once I found out I was expecting Aidan I knew college had to take a backseat. This I think was the hardest part of 2014, I loved my college course. Surprisingly, I loved chemistry. However, you cannot be in a lab when you’re pregnant due to obvious harmful chemicals so that meant that it was bye-bye to college for a little while. It means that I now won’t graduate until January 2016.

The crazy wild nights out I didn’t miss. I enjoy a night out but could turn one down just as easily. I hate spending lots of money on a night out and all you have to show for it is a headache and a face like thunder the next day. Lie ins are missed I must admit but I hear early nights are the new in thing these days.

I knew I wanted to be a scientist since I was about 14 but I knew I wanted to be a mother long before that.

2014 could have been many things. 2014 was the year I first became a Mom, that’s the best thing it could have been.

14 thoughts on “2014 should have been….

  1. Aww that’s a lovely post. I went back to college then Uni after having my first, graduating a bit later than expected won’t make a bit of difference. You’ll just be more determined to do it for your little man 🙂

  2. What a lovely read and my what turn life can take never mind our plans! I’m glad it took a fab turn for you despite your college goals. Being a mum is so amazingly super! It’s hard grind with deep, deep joys.

    I’m sure you’ll catch up with college in due time.

    All the very best as you journey in 2015; to more amazing turns, and bright hopes for the future! #SundayStars

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