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7 month update | Aidan

Size-wise:  Aidan weighs 20b (9kg/1.5stone). He is almost triple his birth weight!! I’m not sure on his length he won’t stay still long enough for me to find out!

Sleep: You still sleep through the night for 12-13 hours. The past week you’ve been waking around 6 but you will fall back to sleep when I take you into my bed (Oh such terrible parenting!). I am going to get a duvet for your cot and hopefully that will help.

Feeding: I am going to do an updated routine post soon but feeding hasn’t changed drastically. We have introduced a third solid feed and this means that you don’t take as much formula as you did.

Firsts This Month: You moved into your own room. You sleep so much better without anyone snoring waking you up (not me).

You had some chocolate biscotti for the first time. That went down an absolute delight!



You had your first Christmas which was far from pinterest perfect.


You rubbed Teegan for the first time which I think maybe a bigger deal for her than you. She wouldn’t be in the same room as you for the first few months so major progress.

You moved to your big boy carseat. Even though you’re a little young you were just too big for your other one. You definitely like this one better!



Developments: You can sit unaided for as long as you like. When you’re tired you just roll/dive onto your belly. It’s cute to see and has saved my arms a lot of pain.


You can crawl backwards and get onto your hands and knees as of late, Crawling in January perhaps?

You’ve developed a fake laugh which you pull out at the funniest times.

Likes: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – It’s bizarre how much you love Mickey Mouse. Just seeing him, on TV, books, toy store and you get all excited.


Teddy bears – you love to snuggle them in the car and before bed.

Dislikes:  Being on your own. You like to be able to see someone close by. That doesn’t make getting housework done impossible at all!

Nicknames: Buddy, Chicken, Buster.

What I’m Thankful For: Apart from a snuffly nose this past week you’ve been a very healthy baby. Everybody comments on how pleasant a baby you are, you always have a smile for people.


What I’m Looking Forward To:  Hearing you say Mama with out stretched arms. I know this will probably be when you’re upset or angry but since you’ve been born it’s something I’ve always looked forward to.

How Mommy’s Doing: My hair has almost stopped falling out. Woo – light at the end of a looong tunnel. Hopefully by next month it will have stopped completely.



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