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Ellen / December 6, 2014

Thank you to Katy from What Katy Said for the nomination. My Christmas Tag post went up on Friday but here are seven random facts about me:

1. I was born with one kidney – it has had no major impact on my health, not even when pregnant. Despite a biology teacher once telling me I would probably never have kids and be on dialyses by my 30’s, thanks again Miss!

2. I was adopted when I was 8 weeks old. I’ve known my whole life there was no shock reveal day – which I think I’m thankful for.

3. I have 5 tattoos. The one on my ribs hurt the most.

4. I have never broken a bone (jinxed myself now I’m sure) and the only surgery I ever had was to have my appendix removed.

5. I’ve never waxed or plucked my eyebrows. I did shave a chunk out when I was around 11 and denied that I had done anything despite missing the middle of my brow. I was lucky to be born with ”penciled eyebrows”. Honestly, never knew they were such a big deal until I went to college.

6. I have an addiction to converse – I think I have around 12 pairs now. I wear them almost everyday.

7. I participated in the Guinness world record for the longest ring-a-ring-a-rosey when I was in primary school. I’m sure we’ve been beaten by now though.

Christmas Facts:

1. Every Christmas Eve my whole family goes for dinner together.

2. My favourite Christmas decoration is a wind up snowman cookie jar my granddad got me from Waterford Crystal.

3. I get new pyjamas from my Mom every Christmas Eve.

4. Christmas night ends with lots of my family gathering in my Mom’s house for a ‘social gathering’.

5. I never got a puppy or a pony for Christmas even though I asked Santa like 100 times! 

6. I miss the treasure hunts my Mom used to make for me every Christmas morning (yes I’m a huge child!)

7. Every year I would search the house for my Christmas presents so my Mom would have to lock them in a cupboard and keep the key with her at all times. 

(Only realised when I had done 7 random facts that it’s meant to be Christmas themed, so two for the price of one here)

2 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. I really want to send you on a Christmas treasure hunt and have a pony waiting for you!!!
    A tattoo on your rib sounds very painful, I am not sure I could cope with any!
    Very jealous of your eyebrows, I have ruined mine from plucking them as a teenager. BIG lol for you denying you had shaved them though hahaha!!! xx

  2. Lovely post. I to shaved a big chunk out of both eyebrows when I was 11! Completely denied it and told my parents that it was the shampoo i used!! How did I think they’d believe that?!!

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