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Sale Haul | Baby & Beauty

Hi, my name is Ellen and I’m a shopaholic. I can’t control it if I see something I like I just cannot leave the shop without it (much to my bank balance’s disapproval). ¬†As you can imagine venturing into town for one or two things during the January sales didn’t exactly go as planned. I thought I would share some of my purchases in hopes of tempting other people into financial debt due to impulse buying ūüôā


First up Aidan’s clothes:¬†I got boring things like vests and socks but you all know what they look like.

Mothercare Circus 3 sleep suits
Mothercare striped swim shorts
Mothercare Monster swim shorts


Ted Baker @ Debenhams
ted baker 2
Ted Baker @ Debenhams


blue jacket
Dunnes Stores
Dunnes Stores





But I couldn’t stop there! I went on to buy myself some jeans and a new jumper and these little beauty items…¬†Again I got the usuals like tan and go-gos (hair bobbins/hair ties – whatever you call them) but again they’re not all that special.


Sleek | Lipstick – Shade: Mystic
soap and glory
Soap and Glory | Archery – Shade: Hot Chocolate
Sleek | Face Form – Shade: Light
Nivea Lip Butter | Raspberry Rosé

*Random Make up Q&A alert*¬†Clothes and make up are my weakness. I was on the hunt for a deep purple lipstick for ages and when I saw Mystic it looked the right shade but it wears a lot more of a pink tone than it looks. Anybody any deep purple shade with more of a brown tone then a pink tone (if anybody know what I mean by that?) The signature Kylie Jenner shade I guess? For now I’m thinking of just using a brown eyeliner to darken the Sleek one.

Oh and the Nivea lip butter is amazing. I just want to eat it, it smells delicious!

So that’s another load of clothes to add to my never-ending pile of laundry. Maybe I buy clothes in the hopes of never running out of clean ones? Hmmm maybe I do it for my sanity? Good enough reason as any other I can come up with hehe ūüôā

I would encourage you to send me you links to hauls but I am afraid we would end up on rice and beans until summer so probably best not to.


Making Memories

Since becoming a Mom I’ve begun to live my life from bottle to bottle. Splitting my day into the several small segments between A’s feeds.


This makes the tantrums a little more bearable. It makes the days of teething a little easier. It helps when I’m having a day where I want nothing more than to be in bed seem a little shorter.


When it gets to 6pm and I know bedtime is in an hour it’s as if a weight lifts off my shoulders because I know then I can completely relax.


And then Aidan goes to bed and I can eat a chocolate bar in peace. I can enjoy a warm cup of tea. I can watch anything other than Mickey Mouse.


But when Aidan goes to bed I realise that the day I’ve been unconsciously wishing away is one more day of Aidan’s life which has passed by at rocket speed.


It made me realise that everyday is important. Even the ones with the tantrums I will be willing back one day.


It reminded me of what my Nan always says ”the days are long, but the years are short”.¬†Only now as Aidan approaches 8 months do I really understand how quickly time really is passing by. It makes me wish I appreciated the days past more than I did.


So I’ve decided not to count the hours but to make the hours count. I am sure I will have days where I laze in my pjs but I will be doing it while making memories I can hold onto, for the short years.




Happy Days #15

As always I am linking up with Jenna and Katy the lovely hosts of the Happy Days linky.

Out and About

I didn’t venture too far out this week. We went to visit my Mom and my Nan but that’s about the extent of it. Aidan however went on some walks with his Dad this week which was nice for me to actually get some stuff done. Aidan is going through a leap and he’s become very clingy and will only nap for 20 minutes during the day meaning he is super sleepy and moody by 5:30.

Only happy within arms reach of Mommy


Fun at Home

Our day seem to consist mainly of Mickey Mouse. It is the only thing Aidan will attempt to crawl towards. Well, that and the fire but obviously we don’t encourage that one! We have Mickey on TV, two Mickey teddies, several items of Mickey clothing. Honestly, I’m tempted to call ‘Oh, Toodles’ in hopes of a cup of tea.

Watching Mickey. Cuddling Mickey. Wearing Mickey.

I baked an cake this week too with a hint of orange through it and chocolate orange frosting. It didn’t last long enough to get a picture but I might make it again just so I can photograph it and post the recipe. All for you guys of course.. I don’t even like cake.

Cake anyone?



I got a delivery from Childs Farm too. Oh look at it! I will be posting the Shampoo and Conditioner review soon. It has done wonders for my psoriasis and it smells so good I get hungry – hence the cake!

Childs Farm goodies!



I also ordered a personalised blanket for Aidan for out trip to Wales. I can’t wait for it to get here it looks so warm and cosy. I may have to ‘borrow’ it from time to time.

Blog Life

After 5 months I have finally decided on a header! I tried so many types and overtime I would see another bloggers header I would get header envy (yes yours Jenna!) and would try use similar themes. After many, many headers I finally decided to make a simple one and get someone to design me a header but I absolutely love my new header. I’ve plastered it all over my social media sites and colour coordinated accordingly. I think my star is here to stay.

El and Baby A-2

Time for Me

I napped for 20 minutes the other day while Aidan napped does that count? No? Again this week I have been pretty bad at the ‘me time’. Luckily Clayton’s got some holidays coming soon so I will get some time to chill then.

Happiest Moment

Real Life:¬†Hearing Aidan beginning to speak.. we get ‘baba’ but only when he feels like it. Which one day this week was for a full 11 hours – delightful ūüôā

Blog Life: Finally deciding on a header.

Still manages a smile with those terrible teething cheeks

Next Week I would like to…

get Aidan back into his napping routine so that he isn’t so distressed by dinner time. Schedule some blog posts for the week while I’m away. Find the best sea sickness tablets there is because 4 hours on a ferry sounds like hell to me right now!


Meet The Spammers


Since moving to WordPress I’ve become accustomed to finding a small (I use this term very loosely) gathering of comments in my spam folder. They visit so frequently I feel like I know them and have found many different spammer cliques. Here’s just a few…

The lost:

This group is for the spammers who might have gotten away with it had they just chosen a different, more appropriate themed post.

  • ”Do you have kidney disease? Well I have magic beans for that!” might have been ok on a past post where I mentioned having one kidney. It would not be ok on my post ‘2014 should have been..‘ about Aidan and postponing college.
  • Calling a ‘photo post’ ”insprational writing”. Again, might have slipped through the radar had it been on a post where I actually had some words. Instead spammie posted¬†to a Silent Sunday where the aim is to include zero words, inspirational or otherwise.
  • Similarly, saying ”great photography” on one of the very few posts where no I have no pictures included. Now you’re just being lazy, spammie!

The Obvious:

They aren’t hiding behind a realistic username. They aren’t lurking in the spamming shadows. They are in full show, shouting what they’re really about.¬†They are¬†‘xxxporn’ ‘enter to win $10’ and links to youtube,amazon or Facebook.

  • ”You simply won a new reader” – xxxporn
    Ehh you’re ok thanks!
  • ”Admiring the hard work you put in” –
    Thanks Youtube you’re not doing too badly yourself.

The Misunderstood:

This group is for the spammers who aren’t really sure what they are about. That haven’t yet found themselves and seek my help in doing so.

  • ”Interested in guest blogging, we share similar interests and could greatly benefit each other”
    What a great idea, Nike air max sales page.
  • On my baby must haves – ”please also seek help from my site”
    Oh what a kind offer ‘adult’ I’ll be right over.

The Sneaky Ones:

These ones are the smartest of the lot. They have it all planned to tactical perfection. They pose as a fellow blogger who also is also suffering the constant badgering of spam comments. They offer kindness, sympathy and of course the genius solution!!

  • ”Do you have a spam problem on this blog; I also am a blogger, and I have magic beans for that.”
    Check your inbox,!

The multi-linguals:

The ones who come alone with what can only be described as a keyboard fit, which looks something like ”qznu ranasqezole .5 mg [url] 22lsk puthgibl”
Oh yeah someone else just said that to me too *awkward face*


Have any of you met my spammie friends? They can be a little annoying but they’re like family, you have to love them… a little bit. Now off I go and permanently delete them all. Thanks to the wonderful work of Askimet plugin spammers are banished 99% of the time (taking a few genuine bloggers with them too – oops!).




The List

Binky Linky

Childs Farm Nappy Cream | Review


I am very lucky in that Aidan doesn’t suffer from nappy rash/ irritation. However, a few weeks ago I did notice he had gotten quite red, which some people say could be his teeth. I will say I kind of panicked, Aidan had never had any redness before so part of me (which I’m sure I get from my mother) wondered if it was a reaction to something. I hadn’t changed anything in his routine lately so finally decided it must have been just a nappy rash. (crisis averted)

When Aidan was younger if would take baths in certain bubble bath or use certain creams & moisturisers he would get extremely dry skin. At one stage I had to bath him in water and emulsifying ointment, which didn’t seem to help him but didn’t make him any worse either. By chance one day in Boots* the Childs Farm range caught my eye. It was their hand & body lotion which initially got my attention ”over 98% natural ingredients & suitable for eczema from newborn” I was sold. The packaging and smell had in me in love there and then. I’ve since used all of their products and just find each one better than the last. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Anyway, I went a bit off topic there. As I was saying Aidan had developed this rash and knowing he has sensitive skin (which you get from me – sorry buddy!) I didn’t know what I should put on it. Luckily, Childs Farm had sent me a brand ambassador goodie bag containing their new nappy cream. I kid you not after one application almost all redness had gone. I wish I had photographic proof but I don’t think Aidan would appreciate that when he is older.

I love the packaging of this product. Not only is it bright, colourful and eye catching it comes in a tube form. Now this may not seem like a big deal to many people but I think it is a lot more hygienic than if it were a pot which you repeatedly put your finger in at nappy changing time.

I too have sensitive skin but can use the Childs Farm range without any irritation. I tried the nappy cream as a face moisturiser and lip balm and now I will never buy lip balm again. It gave me instant hydration.

Don’t believe me? It’s been given a¬†Mumsnet Best badge so I’m not alone.

And Aidan looks like he’s a fan too




*Childs Farm products are on sale at the moment on the Boots website, not sure about in store.

*Childs Farm did send me this product but all views are my own, honest opinions.* 

Super Busy Mum

We're going on an adventure

Bye Bye binky & My shocking confession


Some time last week as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw a post from a girl on a ‘parenting & pregnancy’ type group saying that her nurse or doctor or one of those ‘knows what their talking about’ people, had told her that the ideal age to wean a dummy from a baby was 6 months – which got the ball in my head rolling.


Shameful confusion;¬†I had my dummy until I was almost 8 years old! I was determined¬†that Aidan wouldn’t be like that so I decided that then was as good a time as any to take it away from him. Although looking at it now I might suggest waiting until a baby’s first teeth have come because it is a source of comfort to them during that pain.


Anyway, I decided that from then on Aidan wouldn’t have his dummy unless he was going to sleep. Why going to sleep? Because Aidan currently falls asleep on his night time feed and to remove his dummy would have meant him re-waking and getting himself into a fit, leading to a major stressful bedtime. So until his routine changes, and he no longer falls asleep on his bottle I will continue to allow him his dummy.


They said on this post that it takes 4 days until the baby’s ‘cravings’ disappear. I do think the first 4 days were the hardest but as I mentioned above teething has made the last week a little bit of a nightmare so I can’t be totally sure.


Aidan doesn’t look for his dummy at all during the day anymore, not even at nap times. I put him into his pram and roll it and he gently ‘ahhhh’s’ himself to sleep. At bedtime he still takes his dummy but once he is awake in the morning it is gone for the rest of the day. He has taken to chewing on his thumb a bit but again I think that’s teeth more so.


It has been hard and I have been met with mixed responses ‘now is the best time when he’s not too attached’, ‘oh he’s very young’, and my personal favourite from my Mom ‘ah he’s been good all day without it let’s give it to him for a while’ – now you see why I still had one¬†when I was 8!


Round up: In future if I had more children I would take it from them as close to 6 months but perhaps after their first teeth. It is hard to watch Aidan with his big red jaws, even though he doesn’t seem to be in too much pain.

Have you experienced binky weaning? How did it go, let me know in the comments.



I am….

I just saw this post on A Mumma’s Time Out¬†and thought it was a really interesting way to get to know people. So, I am….

I’m weird because…

  • I need to have 3 full bottles of bleach and at least 6 clean sponges in my cleaning press or I get quite uncomfortable.
  • I have to have the TV, radio,etc. volume on an even number.
  • I own a collection of around 1,000 pens.

I’m a bad friend because…

  • I don’t always text back or send the first text.
  • I struggle to find a balance between baby/blog/relationship & friendships.

I’m a good friend because…

  • I am always at the end of a phone for any advice or vents. (Probably better to call as I said above texts sometimes don’t get noticed for hours/days)

I’m sad because…

  • Aidan just seems to be growing up at lightening speed.
  • Daddy works so much I’m afraid he will miss out on all Aidan’s milestones.

I’m happy because…

  • Every one in my life is healthy.
  • I’ve been very lucky in the past year both in blog life and in real life.
  • I’ve no reason not to be.

I’m excited because…

  • Aidan will be one soon (I am also sad about this though)
  • We are going on a major family break (33 of us) in June.
  • We are possibly going on an impromptu trip to Bluestones, Wales in two weeks.


If anyone else feels like taking part leave your links below so I can get to know your weird wonderful selves.


Running in Lavender

Happy Days #14

As always I am linking up with Jenna and Katy the lovely hosts of the Happy Days linky.

Out and About

What is with this weather? It’s so cold and wet! We did however sign Aidan up for school (for 2019) and went to my Nan’s to celebrate her 77th birthday. My little cousin got her an exercise ball (as a joke) – which A had a ball on. He spent the entire time blowing bubbles back at everyone and playing with balloons.

Yesterday I went to Clonmel to book a hotel for a family getaway in June, by family I mean 33 of us! It’s for my granddad’s 80th birthday – but shh it’s a surprise.

Fun at Home

At home has been less than fun, after reading that the ‘ideal age’ to take your baby’s dummy away is 6 months I decided to take Aidan’s. I will do a post on how exactly it all went down but let’s say it’s not ‘fun at home’.

I did however start my #postcircle group, which if you don’t know is a snail mail/ penal group. I sent and received my first letters this week which is super exciting for a stationary addict like myself. Although, I am lacking in comparison to some others in the group whose collections have me in awe.

Blog Life

This week I appeared on the front page of Mumsnet, crazy I know! I was so excited when I got the twitter notification I was almost lost for words (almost!).

Time for Me

If you follow me on instagram you may have seen my recent Yankee Candle store haul which included some bath bombs – wow! Where have bath bombs been all my life?

I also got a lie in this morning and am now getting breakfast in bed while I write this (I don’t know how I pulled this one off? Is there a match on tonight or something?)

Happiest Moment

Real Life: Spending my Nan’s birthday with all my family.

Blog Life: Being on the front page of Mumsnet of course!

Next Week I would like to…

be packing my bags for Bluestones. We will hopefully be going there the first week in February.


*Sorry for the lack of pictures it’s mainly been a wicked Wednesday type of week*