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The beginning | My Adoption Story

Some of you may or may not know that I was adopted when I was a little baby. I decided to share my story, one for other people who might be interested but also to look back in many years when I don’t have someone to tell me it anymore. So here is how my life began and my Mom & Dad’s adoption journey. *spoiler alert: They got a baby in the end… ta da!*

My Adoption Story

After several years of trying for a baby my parents suspected something wasn’t right. Long, long story short my Mom has endometriosis meaning she can’t have children. My parents always wanted to have kids and so they decided to go down the route of adoption.

They applied to the local adoption board and were called for an interview. The entire car journey to the interview my Mom (who worries about the neighbours cat) had gotten herself into an anxious state and pondered not going through with it at all. She had given herself an endless list of terrible outcomes, and wondered if she was ready for yet another option to have her own family potentially end.

When they arrived at the interview they were met with a social worker who far from approachable and comforting. She began, ”Why do you want a baby?” directed at my Mom who you can imagine was a mumbling mess. ”Well we…” my Dad tried to help out. ”I didn’t ask you, I asked Mary!” the lady snarled. She followed with several unnerving comments like ”we don’t care about you or what you want. We only care about the baby and the birth mother.” ”You have no rights in this situation”. My Mom says now looking back she can see that the woman was counselling them for the rough time they had ahead but that didn’t help her at the time. She left the interview with almost no hope of hearing from them again. She could barely string a sentence together, why would they trust that she could look after a baby?

However, the interview did go well and they were accepted onto the waiting list. Next step was to undergo a house inspection. My parent’s house is on top of a hill, meaning the driveway and back garden are at a rather steep slope. ”I expect that back garden to be more child friendly next time I visit” K (the social worker) had said. She pointed out all the alterations she wanted done to the house before her next visit in a few weeks time. The entire thing ended up costing £3,000, which was a lot of money back in the early 1990’s, and enough sand and cement to cover the entire front window. (but I’m priceless, right?). This was only the beginning on the list of requirements that had to be met before they would actually get a child. For example, one parent had to give up work and stay home full time – luckily the system is completely different now.

On K’s next visit she obviously approved all the alterations because she told them that there was a girl looking to have her baby adopted and she wanted to meet them…..



6 things you should never say to a new mom

Just found this post I wrote back when Aidan was 16 weeks old. I don’t even remember writing it so I guess I was sleep deprived even though he was sleeping through! Anyway apparently I never published it but it is still totally relevant almost 30 weeks later.

Here are a list of things I guarantee 99% of new moms hear at least 10 times after having a baby. The only ok thing to say to a new Mom is do you want me to make you food or do your dishes? That will be well received, these will not.


1. Any comparisons to your/ other babies is totally unneccisary.

”When my baby was his age he was already crawling/ talking/ graduating.” New moms worry enough that their baby is progressing as he/ she should without these people recollecting their child prodigy.

2. ”How is he for you?”

Oh hes a terror, screams the house down constantly and I havent slept in 16 weeks.(Could you imagine the face if you actually said that?) Luckily for me A is great and doesn’t do any of these things (most of the time) but I imagine if he did and some one asked ”is he sleeping through the night yet?” I would either punch them or cry.

3. ”He needs a blanket, Take his socks off, Dont swing him by the ankles”

Obviously I dont swing A by the ankles but seriously opinions to yourselves people. Most moms know what’s best for their own child. I remember watching something on the TV a few years ago where a little boy had a skin condition where if he sweat he would lose his skin (I think? It was a long time ago but something happened when he sweat). This meant that even in the Autumn months his Mom would have him in just a T-shirt which of course invited many stares and voiced opinions from onlookers who just saw ‘bad parenting’. Makes you think huh? Perhaps they’re actually doing whats best already.

4. You look tired.

Gee thanks! Of course I’m tired I have this tiny human who takes up all of my time now. I also managed to order one who snores quite loudly and grunts in his sleep so when I do get to bed he wakes me up a couple of times a night ‘honking’.

5. Wait until…

Oh wait until hes climbing on everything.. Wait until hes pulling your clothes out of the wardobe.. Wait until hes bare knuckle boxing a tiger.
Seriously? When you’re pregnant they tell you the first few weeks are the hardest.. you get over those only to be slaped in the face with the fact that it actually gets WORSE! I only get to brush my hair every second day, all my clothes are stained, my house looks like the field after electric picnic and you’re saying I havent hit rock bottom yet? Delightful.

6. The above is then followed by So, whens the next one?

Ok so You’ve basically told me that my child has the brain of a potato compared to your genius, questioned my motherly instinct, insulted my appearance, shattered my dream of normality returning anywhere in the near future and you want to know when I am subjecting myself to this again?
30 weeks on and these are still being asked – worse still by other mothers! Do they not know Mom code?! 


The List

Smoothies | Berry Blitz

A few weeks back I treated myself to a smoothie maker and I love it. I frequent the local smoothie bar every time I’m in town so I made it my mission to re-make my loved ‘berry blitz’ at home. Finally, after many, many attempts I have got it just right. IF you like smoothies then here is one to try.
(This will make a large serving – bigger is better!)


2 bananas
6 large of strawberries
Handful of blueberries
Smaller handful of frozen raspberries (I’m sure fresh would work too but they’re always out of stock!)
5 tablespoons low fat natural yogurt
3/4 cup of orange juice (I use light orange juice but doubt it makes a huge difference)


And voila! How simple and healthy. Be careful not to use too many raspberries or it can end up tasting like perfume – not fun! I am on a major smoothie buzz so be sure to share your favourite smoothie recipe below.


Tasty Tuesdays on

Social Media Sharing Linky

I am a huge fan of social media and love to connect with you lovely lot on there. I often see people (including myself) posting there Facebook links on twitter, twitter links on instagram, instagram… you get my drift. I though I would host this once off social media sharing link up so that we can all connect with one another on all platforms. This link is open to all types of bloggers and will run until midnight on Saturday.


Facebook‘); // ]]>


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A linky only works if you visit other people as well as leaving your links so try follow a few people over a variety of social media accounts. Tweet them or post on there wall to let them know you stopped by. And I will of course follow everyone that links up.

Happy clicking 🙂


Baby products that become Beauty products

When I first become a Mom my precious beauty products were well stocked in my lovely HerClutterBox (which every make-up addict needs if you ask me!). As soon as A was born make-up and beauty products took second place to baby converse and adorable mini human outfits. How many beauty products do you need when you hardly get to leave the house and when you do you rock baby drool and a mom bun? After running to my beauty table, all too often, only to realise what I need has run out I found baby products that have a secondary use as beauty products – multi purpose!

Wipes This is one is the most obvious but baby wipes can be used to remove make up (and pretty much any substance from any surface). Although using wipes to remove make-up is a beauty faux pas we all do it. If they’re good enough for babies bottoms they’re good enough for my face! (Although I wouldn’t put a suppository up my nose so maybe that saying is all relative?)

Muslin Cloths Apparently a leading cleanser brand also sells muslin clothes to use with it. Why not just use the ones your baby hasn’t had a chance to drool/vom bomb on yet? Using a muslin cloth and cleaner will both cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. Pregnancy glow without the breathlessness, excessive gas and nausea – score!

Nappy Cream Ok I can’t speak for all nappy creams but we are Childs Farm users in our house which proves to be the best lip hydrater I have found. My lips can be agonisingly dry and after one application of Childs Farm nappy cream they are instatly relieved and hydrated.

Baby Shampoo My most hated job of all time is cleaning my make up brushes. If someone makes self cleaning ones I will happily pay the equivilent of a small mortgage! As an extremely sensitive skin barer baby shampoo is simple on my skin but extremely effective in removing the make-up and other nasties that lurk in my bristles.

Baby Powder I’ve saved the best for last. Baby powder is the most multi-purpose baby product on the market I think! Firstly, applying a thin layer of baby powder of your eyelashes before mascara gives thicker, fuller lashes! Who doesn’t want that?!

Second, dry shampoo! Every Mom uses dry shampoo – if you say you don’t we all know you’re lying! Baby powder (when applied lightly) will work as a great dry shampoo and smells so nice too. (However, too much and you will instantly age 30+ years and have hair like Santa Claus)

Thirdly, applying a thin layer of baby powder before waxing stops the wax sticking to your skin and only sticks to the hair. Apparently more effective and less painful – any volunteers?

Fourthly, yes there’s more! Ok, this is the last one I know of and not totally beauty related but super handy. When you’re at the beach and you have sandy sandwiches and sandy skin. Put baby powder on your skin and the sand will simply fall off! As for your sandwiches – I don’t advise the baby powder but I do give you permission to get chips from the chippy – enjoy!


Have you come across any baby products turn beauty products? After 3 hours sleep and projectile vomiting we need all the help we can get sometimes.. or maybe thats just me?


The final round up| Bluestone


And all good things must come to an end. By the time Friday came we were all wishing we could live at Bluestone! Me & Clay have decided that we will definitely be returning when Aidan is a little older. Although a somewhat long journey it really isn’t that bad of a trip from where we live.

Check out of the lodges is at 10am. We were a little shocked when the cleaning lady knocked on our door after 9:30 looking to come in. Apparently our lodge had been booked for early check in (1pm) and she needed to get it cleaned – which is totally understandable. As we had no transport of our own we had to wait for our taxi until 1pm but the lovely people at reception offered to hold our bags for us until they arrived. This meant we got to grab lunch and check out the soft play before we left.


I would advise anyone who won’t be bringing a car to get a late check out (12pm) to give yourself the extra time, especially if like us your ferry is delayed until 5pm!

I think I covered everything we took part in but there is lots of activities for older kids including, zip wires, high ropes and in the summer they host lots of activities on the lake. Be sure to check out the Bluestone website for more details.

And incase you haven’t seen enough pictures check out my first ever youtube video – a photo montage of our time at Bluestone.


The Dad Network

Blue Lagoon | Bluestone


Even with so much tough competition Blue Lagoon was definitely my favourite part of Bluestone. I went there for each of our three full days. Aidan loves swimming too which made it a great place for everyone.


When you arrive at Blue Lagoon you show your lodge key at the front desk and they will issue you a pass valid for your stay at Bluestone. This pass gives you admission to the changing rooms and pool. The changing rooms are currently being renovated but there were still plenty of family cubicles and a large common changing room. There is also a hair dryer and full body dryer in the changing room. I loved being able to dry A’s hair before bringing him outside in the cold weather.

Once your all dressed and ready to go you head into the swimming pool or the indoor beach more like. The first thing you notice is the heat – it feel’s like you’ve stepped into Spain. Not only is the swimming pool like a bath the air is also heated so there is no shivering and running for towels when you leave the water. The area surrounding the pool has several deck chairs which was a nice touch, you can bring your bag of essentials (like a camera or phone for us bloggers) to the pool side instead of having to go back into the locker room.


There are several slides, one of which it open and takes you outside where you can sit in a mini pool. It was crazy to be sitting in warm water with trees covered in snow beside me. The lazy river has a gentle current which pulls you along, again taking you outside where there is another small pool you could relax in (if you liked being warm on the end and cold on the top?) but in the summer I think it would be a nice experience.

Bluestone 2

The baby pool has a little slide, bubble section and rock pools. It is about a foot deep and didn’t seem as warm as the main pool but that may have just been me. Aidan seemed to enjoy the adult pool more than the baby pool so we didn’t spend a lot of time in here.


When all your pool fun is over and you get a bit peckish there is the Café right at the pool side. You can go in your swim wear or when you’re all dressed. The serve a variety of food from wraps and burgers to baked potatoes and at reasonable prices.


If you live near Bluestone there is also the option to visit the Blue Lagoon waterpark for the day, it is open to the public and guests staying in the resort. I can’t wait to get back to Blue Lagoon soon and definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Bluestone this summer.


If you’d like to read about the other parts of our visit like our arrival, messy & sensory play then please do. I will be posting the last in my Bluestone series tomorrow along with a video of all our photos.

Tackling the dreaded cold

Since the weekend our house has been struck down with the dreaded cold! It is in a way expected at this time of year and with the drastic changes in weather lately. This is the first time Aidan has been sick (we are very lucky!) and it is horrible to watch. I know there is no way to cure a cold but here are a cold remedies I found that made A a little more comfortable.

1. Calpol Vapour plug in

kiddyreviewsA plug in which omits a combination of lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus. I plug it in a few minutes before A goes to bed and it fills the room with this calming, decongestant aroma. It smells amazing and you can feel nasal relief when inside the room. It has a dim, blue nightlight also. Aidan usually sleeps in the dark meaning that the nightlight is a slight annoyance but it is worth it to help clear his airways.

2. Snuffle Baby is the baby equivalent of Vicks Vapour Rub. I put it on Aidan’s chest, back and the soles of his feet every night before he goes it bed and if I remember at nap times too. I think it has done wonders for his cough but he hates having it put under his nose so I can’t way if it’s good at clearing his nose.

3. Saline nasal spray

tesco.ieI honestly don’t know where all the snot comes from? It seems to be running like a tap all day! In the evening time though A’s nose tends to dry up (maybe from the heating) so I squirt this three times into each nostril before bed to help him breathe. He doesn’t seem to mind having it done and I think it offers him some relief for the beginning of the night.
4. Elevated mattress

I have used a pillow to elevate Aidan’s mattress by about a foot. This stops all the mucus going back down onto his chest (according to my Mom) and helps him to breathe and relieves pressure in his sinus’.
5. Lots of fluids

As I mentioned above his nose is like a leaking faucet so that means lots of dehydrating. Leading me to rehydrating. Aidan is great and will take boring, plain jane water no problem but I have been putting a small amount of orange juice through it to give it some flavour and to provide a small amount of Vitamin C.

6. Excessive cuddles

And of course what’s the one thing we all want when we’re sick? Cuddles from our Mommies (and Daddies too). Aidan has been coming into our bed from 12pm every night. I don’t think he likes being alone when he is sick the poor thing.


We’re now 4 days into cold calamity and I am hoping we are nearing the end. I am very lucky though that Aidan almost his usual happy self and hasn’t been too obviously effected, mood-wise, by his sickness. If anyone else has any tips to speed up the recovery I would be glad to hear them.



See that tiny dot at the bottom of the hill? Yes, that’s me? At Bluestone last week I thought it a great idea to hire some bikes and cycle the nature trail. About 5 minutes in I realised I had made a huge mistake. It was all shits and giggles speeding down the hills only to realise that meant cycling back up them. Worst £10 I ever spent – I still have the pains. #iamunfit.