8 Month Update | Aidan


Weight/Length:  I have no idea! Since the last time A was weighed he was 10kg I am going to guess a solid 11/11.5kg – which means he so close to being the maximum weight for his bouncer, jumperoo and such 🙁 Aidan’s now wearing 9-12 months clothes (with some things in 12-18 months!!)

Feeding: I have a post scheduled for later this week about our routine and feeding but on an average day Aidan will take around 26-32oz depending on his night feed. He also has 3 spoon feeds a day and a few snacks. We are becoming adventurous with the BLW which is fun and scary all at the same time.


Firsts This Month:

  • You’ve started to say ‘words’ so far we’ve got ‘lala’ ‘rara’ ‘wawa’ ‘baba’ but still no Mama (unless you’re crying but I think that might just be coincidence.
  • You ate blueberries for the first time and love them ever since.
  • You sat in the seat in the trolley – not the baby seat the ‘toddler’ side.
  • Discovered the washing machine – those were a peaceful two hours!
  • wpid-20150129_165849.jpg
  • Knelt up holding onto something
  • You have tickles in your ribs and thighs now
  • This month we also got rid of your dummy during the day and hope to get rid of it at night soon.


Likes: Mickey Mouse!! Honestly without Mickey Mouse I would be twice as tired. That little mouse is my best friend lately. The minute the theme song comes on you’re eyes do not leave the screen.


Exploring on your hands and knees. Although you haven’t mastered crawling you can ‘army crawl’ around and do so very frequently.

Having your photo taken – poser!

Sleeping on your belly. You started sleeping on your tummy the last few nights and you seem to get a better nights sleep that way.

Dislikes: Being left on your own for too long.

Anything on TV other than Disney Junior.

When baby Emma starts shouting.

Nicknames: Buddy. Aido. A. Chicken.



7 thoughts on “8 Month Update | Aidan

  1. Aw, Aidan is the same age as my little boy Rhodri! 8 months is such a busy month, they are trying to chatter away, getting more mobile and definitely know what they do and don’t want!! Lovely update post and lovely pictures 🙂 x

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