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Baby products that become Beauty products

When I first become a Mom my precious beauty products were well stocked in my lovely HerClutterBox (which every make-up addict needs if you ask me!). As soon as A was born make-up and beauty products took second place to baby converse and adorable mini human outfits. How many beauty products do you need when you hardly get to leave the house and when you do you rock baby drool and a mom bun? After running to my beauty table, all too often, only to realise what I need has run out I found baby products that have a secondary use as beauty products – multi purpose!

Wipes This is one is the most obvious but baby wipes can be used to remove make up (and pretty much any substance from any surface). Although using wipes to remove make-up is a beauty faux pas we all do it. If they’re good enough for babies bottoms they’re good enough for my face! (Although I wouldn’t put a suppository up my nose so maybe that saying is all relative?)

Muslin Cloths Apparently a leading cleanser brand also sells muslin clothes to use with it. Why not just use the ones your baby hasn’t had a chance to drool/vom bomb on yet? Using a muslin cloth and cleaner will both cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin. Pregnancy glow without the breathlessness, excessive gas and nausea – score!

Nappy Cream Ok I can’t speak for all nappy creams but we are Childs Farm users in our house which proves to be the best lip hydrater I have found. My lips can be agonisingly dry and after one application of Childs Farm nappy cream they are instatly relieved and hydrated.

Baby Shampoo My most hated job of all time is cleaning my make up brushes. If someone makes self cleaning ones I will happily pay the equivilent of a small mortgage! As an extremely sensitive skin barer baby shampoo is simple on my skin but extremely effective in removing the make-up and other nasties that lurk in my bristles.

Baby Powder I’ve saved the best for last. Baby powder is the most multi-purpose baby product on the market I think! Firstly, applying a thin layer of baby powder of your eyelashes before mascara gives thicker, fuller lashes! Who doesn’t want that?!

Second, dry shampoo! Every Mom uses dry shampoo – if you say you don’t we all know you’re lying! Baby powder (when applied lightly) will work as a great dry shampoo and smells so nice too. (However, too much and you will instantly age 30+ years and have hair like Santa Claus)

Thirdly, applying a thin layer of baby powder before waxing stops the wax sticking to your skin and only sticks to the hair. Apparently more effective and less painful – any volunteers?

Fourthly, yes there’s more! Ok, this is the last one I know of and not totally beauty related but super handy. When you’re at the beach and you have sandy sandwiches and sandy skin. Put baby powder on your skin and the sand will simply fall off! As for your sandwiches – I don’t advise the baby powder but I do give you permission to get chips from the chippy – enjoy!


Have you come across any baby products turn beauty products? After 3 hours sleep and projectile vomiting we need all the help we can get sometimes.. or maybe thats just me?


48 thoughts on “Baby products that become Beauty products

  1. I actually owned baby talc powder and used it as emergency dry shampoo way before I had Amelia and I’m always pinching her creams and wipes! Definitely a good list to keep in mind! thanks for linking up #MummyMonday x

  2. Never even thought of some of these. I use baby wipes to wipe everything but haven’t used any baby products to use as a beauty product. #mummymonday

  3. haha I love this, great list! I definitely use baby wipes for wiping make up off, and everything actually, we think they should be called life wipes! But there are some fab tips here, will definitely keep an eye out for that nappy cream, my lips are terribly dry at the mo! Great post, thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  4. Absolutely loved this post. So funny, and so very true! I love the tip about the baby powder on eyelashes, I must give it a go. And as for Muslin cloths. They are just my everything. I’ve even started wetting a corner to wipe Billy’s face after his meals (which of course he HATES).

  5. I love the idea of doubling up the product usage! I definitely use baby wipes for lots of things despite no longer having babies! I love the other suggestions too. Great post!

  6. I’m expecting first baby in May and learning all these tips through your post will become very handy when little one is here! I wouldn’t have thought of using baby products as beauty products! thank you for sharing 🙂

  7. This is genius! I had no idea baby powder was so versatile! Baby wipes are my answer to every mess these days – on the Tot, me, the furniture, you name it. Baby wipes will sort it out 🙂 #Sharewithme

  8. Ive got to try the baby powder before waxing! I HATE waxing. It is the most painful thing we do to our bodies for beauty in my opinion! Great little list. Thank you!
    ~Jennifer @ www.
    Visiting from #twinklytuesday 🙂

  9. Who knew that baby power has so many uses?! We don’t have it in our house but I may have to get some now I know it plumps lashes up! I also don’t use dry shampoo (no, really!). I tried it once but my hair really didn’t like it! I love that you use nappy cream for your lips and the muslin idea is fab! Thanks so much for linking up to #twinklytuesday

  10. These are fab tips! I am going to try the eyelash one and always take my make up off with wet wipes. But honestly I have never used dry shampoo! I have to wash my hair every morning in the shower or I feel gross. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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