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Blue Lagoon | Bluestone


Even with so much tough competition Blue Lagoon was definitely my favourite part of Bluestone. I went there for each of our three full days. Aidan loves swimming too which made it a great place for everyone.


When you arrive at Blue Lagoon you show your lodge key at the front desk and they will issue you a pass valid for your stay at Bluestone. This pass gives you admission to the changing rooms and pool. The changing rooms are currently being renovated but there were still plenty of family cubicles and a large common changing room. There is also a hair dryer and full body dryer in the changing room. I loved being able to dry A’s hair before bringing him outside in the cold weather.

Once your all dressed and ready to go you head into the swimming pool or the indoor beach more like. The first thing you notice is the heat – it feel’s like you’ve stepped into Spain. Not only is the swimming pool like a bath the air is also heated so there is no shivering and running for towels when you leave the water. The area surrounding the pool has several deck chairs which was a nice touch, you can bring your bag of essentials (like a camera or phone for us bloggers) to the pool side instead of having to go back into the locker room.


There are several slides, one of which it open and takes you outside where you can sit in a mini pool. It was crazy to be sitting in warm water with trees covered in snow beside me. The lazy river has a gentle current which pulls you along, again taking you outside where there is another small pool you could relax in (if you liked being warm on the end and cold on the top?) but in the summer I think it would be a nice experience.

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The baby pool has a little slide, bubble section and rock pools. It is about a foot deep and didn’t seem as warm as the main pool but that may have just been me. Aidan seemed to enjoy the adult pool more than the baby pool so we didn’t spend a lot of time in here.


When all your pool fun is over and you get a bit peckish there is the Café right at the pool side. You can go in your swim wear or when you’re all dressed. The serve a variety of food from wraps and burgers to baked potatoes and at reasonable prices.


If you live near Bluestone there is also the option to visit the Blue Lagoon waterpark for the day, it is open to the public and guests staying in the resort. I can’t wait to get back to Blue Lagoon soon and definitely recommend it to anyone heading to Bluestone this summer.


If you’d like to read about the other parts of our visit like our arrival, messy & sensory play then please do. I will be posting the last in my Bluestone series tomorrow along with a video of all our photos.

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    1. Oh you will have a brilliant time! I think Dave @ The Dadventurer is going that week too! It’s great fun blogger spotting – you will be eyeing everyone up funny wondering if they’re the face behind the words haha xx

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