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Bluestone-logoI am not totally sure if I just have yet to find them but as of right now there are no baby classes I know of near where I live. When I first look at the Bluestone website and saw they offered both messy and sensory play I knew I had to take Aidan. I knew these and swimming would be the best activities for Aidan’s age.

1: Sensory play: Beach time (Tuesday 1pm)


This class centred a lot around singing and signing requiring Aidan to sit still and co-operate. This did not happen. Aidan was much more interested in the abundance of toys at the back of the room – so that’s where he spent his sensory class. I found the class to be well organised and even though A clearly had other ideas the girl who ran the class always offered him the props at each stage instead of just leaving him to himself, which I thought was very nice and made me feel a little bit at ease.

I think with Aidan just beginning to crawl this class wasn’t ideal for him. Sitting is the absolute last thing on his agenda. The younger (and calmer) babies looked to really enjoy it especially the bubble machine and ‘sea’ blanket. We got to meet the lovely Rock and Roll Pussycat and her adorable son Eli, who Aidan was mesmerised by.



2: Messy Play: Space rangers (Wednesday 10am)


Aidan loves to make a mess at home so I thought making a mess somewhere I didn’t have to clean would be ideal. The room was set up with 5 tables containing all sorts including, custard, flour, cocoa powder, paint and coloured oats. The kids are given free run to spend however long they choose at whatever table they choose. Much better suited for Aidan. For older kids there was the option to have a balloon animal made or to finger paint pictures. All the tables are completely edible, although hardly tasty.

Aidan definitely loved messy play and we even got to meet the beautiful Isla & Sarah from The Knott Bump & Us, and the handsome Jaspy & Jess from Lilypod and Sweetpea. When we got home from messy play all Aidan’s clothes had to be binned – sign of a good time, right?!



3: Messy play: Party time (Thursday 3:30pm)


After such a great time at Wednesday’s messy play class I decided to take A again to class the following day. This class was recommended to me as the ‘more edible’ one for babies like A (who eat everything). Again, it had 5 tables with things like, jelly, custard, flour, icing sugar, marshmallows and dough. However, two tables consisted of paint and the girl who ran the class said not to allow the babies to eat the paint.

For older kids there is the option again to paint pictures or to get their face painted.

Sadly, after shoving an excess amount of dough down his throat I think Aidan had enough of being adventurous and decided he only wanted to play in the water, which is intended for cleaning babies afterwards.


After our first messy play class we decided to take the tip from Sarah & Jess and let Aidan do the class in his nappy – sure saved on the laundry! I learned afterwards that there are showers you can use to clean off your excessively dirty baby so it might be an ideal to pack a towel when going to a messy play class.


Be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of my Bluestone posts and a video of the many more photos from messy & sensory play at the end of the week.


23 thoughts on “Messy & Sensory play | Bluestone

  1. I spent the whole of Baby sensory thinking it was you but not 100% sure! I wish I had said hi! The messy play looked great! I think when we go back I will have to take Sophie to that – I like your thinking – a mess that someone else cleans up!

    Great tip about doing the class in a nappy and that there are showers. x

    1. I was so distracted calming the crying baby I didn’t even notice anyone until I looked back at the pictures haha.. Wish I could have bumped into you again before we left. I cannot wait to get back to Bluestone again 🙂 x

  2. Ah that brings back memories – we went to Bluestone when my daughter was about one, so the messy play was one of the best activities for her age then. I should definitely have stripped her to her nappy as we both got so messy we had to go straight in the bath afterwards…!

  3. Aww great photos, he looks likes he’s having such a good time! I love that you had throw out his outfit definitely a sign of a good time! I’m so looking forward to taking Oliver to messy play now and its fab you to got to meet some other bloggers…

  4. Wow! I find this fascinating. I never knew they had places dedicated to messy play. That is an awesome idea! I’ve been bringing my daughter since she was 18 mos old to play groups where the kids just sit and play with various toys. She would have benefited a lot more from something like this.

  5. This is great. My two love messy play and I am horrible because I never take them anymore and I don’t do messy play in our house when I really should it’s so great for them. I say roll on summer when I can do it outside but Bluestone messy play looks ace. Your little one definitely enjoyed it. Great place to visit. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  6. What fun it looks like he had! The photos are brilliant, especially the messy play ones! I used to take Zach to baby sensory and he adored it. In the proper classes it doesn’t matter if he’s crawling around – in fact a class was where he did his first crawl! Certainly looks like you’re having an amazing time there 🙂 thanks so much for linking up with #twinklytuesday

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