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Ode to Mickey Mouse



Mickey mouse so black and small
To you I really owe it all.
You end the tantrums and stop the noise
You’re better than all the plastic toys

Mickey mouse so full of fun
Easy knowing you’re not a Mum
Seeing how you are always happy
Proves you never changed a nappy

Mickey mouse with eyes so bright
Never had a sleepless night
Teething and grow spurts seem to allude you
But when you’re a Mum they simply delude you

Mickey mouse so full of song
I hate how I always sing along
Be it while shopping or in a que
I can only ever think of you

Mickey mouse I owe you a lot
For settling my grumpy tot
He’s always happy to watch your den
Over… and over.. and over again.



19 thoughts on “Ode to Mickey Mouse

  1. This is brilliant! We have a Mickey Mouse clubhouse fan in our house too. Lamb has even said he wants to call our new kitten “Oh Toodles!” Help…. x #mummymonday

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