Our Routine – 8 months | Aidan

I always struggle to know if I am feeding Aidan according to the ”norm” and if he naps and goes to bed at appropriate times. Over the last few weeks he has really settled into his current routine so I thought I would share it. This is our current routine for 8 month old, Aidan.


7:30/8am: Wake up & 8oz bottle.

8:15am: Watch some TV or have a chat – something easy to help me wake me.

9am: Porridge & blueberries

9:45am: Jumperoo or crawling around exploring.

11am: Nap time. Since taking Aidan’s dummy I have got him into the habit of being rocked to sleep in his pram at nap time but for now I don’t mind it too much.

1pm: 8oz bottle

1:30pm: This time is usually when we go for a walk or do come visiting.

3pm: Lunch – Fruit/ yogurt/ cheese

4pm: Sometimes A takes a 30 minute nap around this time if not he will sit and watch TV

5pm: 8oz bottle

6pm: Dinner – lately A has whatever dinner we’re having but if ours is not suitable and I don’t have anything prepared we use Ella’s Kitchen pouches stage 2

7pm: Hot 8oz bottle – A will fall asleep on this bottle usually before half of it is gone. He will stay asleep then until the following morning.


That is an indication of how our average day goes feeding & naps wise. I hope this helped you if you’re wondering what other babies this age are doing. Although all babies are different so don’t stress if your routine is completely different to ours.


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