Hello.. Is it me you’re voting for?

Notice that new shiny badge on the left of the page? Click it… go on… click it…

That button is for the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. These awards are the very first to celebrate the ever growing parenting blog community in little old Ireland. I myself didn’t realise quite how many Irish parenting blogs were out there until I joined the Irish Parenting Bloggers community and have since been blown away by some truly fantastic talent.

Even before nominations were open I knew I was attending these awards. It will be my first blogger event and I am very excited to finally meet the faces behind the words! There are some great sponsers like Glenisk, Blacklight solutions, MyKidsTime, SuperHands and BEAR too.


So without further ado, here are the categories (Oh I feel like I am about to present an Oscar!)

Parenting Blog of the Year
Best Post of the Year
Best Newcomer
Best Homespun Blog
Best Personal Blog
Most Entertaining Blog
Best Writer
Inspirational Blogger
Most Beautiful Blog
Best Special Interest Blog

So, if you feel like nominating me or any of the other lovely Irish bloggers then just click that lovely badge to the left.


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