Meeting the birth mother | My adoption story

The beginning | My adoption story

November (I think). Time to meet the birth mother. My parents were instructed not to bring their car to the meeting, surnames and address were not to be discussed.

When they walked in the were met by K and lead into the girl who had decided to meet them, J. J told her story of how she was an 18 year old girl, who got pregnant by her boyfriend who had since left her. She had two parents who required her full-time care and therefore she would not be able to care for a baby too.

She didn’t ask many questions, which is understandable being an 18 year old facing such a tough situation alone. My parents tried to reassure her that the baby would be well looked after. ”We don’t have much but everything we have will be hers” my Dad told her.

As they were leaving the meeting K told them that she wouldn’t be contacting them for a while as she wanted to let J have time to think to be sure she made the right decision. My Mom cried the whole journey home, not for herself but for J. She wanted a baby so badly but she hated to think of somebody giving away their baby just as much.

The following morning the phone rang. It was K to tell my parents that they would be getting a baby. Mom was shocked but delighted she had decided so quickly. The next part seems a bit of a blur of just baby shopping and anticipating.

Fast forward to April. K rings again to tell my Mom that she would be bringing her little girl tomorrow morning. Shock and excitement filled the house. The following morning my parents and grandparents sat and eagerly awaited my arrival with each minute feeling like an hour and a slight amount of fear everything had fallen through last minute. Finally, K arrived with 8 week old baby Lisa.

As you can see my name is no longer Lisa, my Mom had decided on the name Ellen for a girl but did keep Lisa as my middle name, because J had asked if she would. So baby Ellen Lisa became part of the O’Keeffe family on April 25th after 8 weeks with a foster family. There are pictures of my Nan sat beside my moses basket for the entire day with her hand on my blanket, not letting anyone touch me. My parents still have the clothes I came in, the cards everyone sent and my very first teddy bear, from my Dad.

But it all didn’t end there. It was another 6 months before I was actually theirs….



25 thoughts on “Meeting the birth mother | My adoption story

  1. Such a beautiful post!! I was adopted too so really struck a place with me. It sounds so lovely and is fantastic that you’re parents respected her wish and kept Lisa as your middle name.

  2. Ahh what a lovely beginning of story. My sister is adopted and I often wonder how she would tell her story. Beautiful. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. I’ve been really enjoying reading these little snippets of what are your life story. Thankyou for sharing its really lovely to read. Thanks so much for linking up and hope to see you again tomorrow #MummyMonday xx

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