That creepy kid at soft play

He stood at the side leaning against the padded wall just watching the world go by.

He followed one little girl everywhere she went and even began to charm her dad.

He switched from girl to girl dropping them and never looking back.

He watched the older kids, learning their advanced ways – hoping to be taken under their wing.

He would shout high pitched noises, like miniature mating calls.

He stared at people until they felt uncomfortable and moved.

He threatened to follow one man home.

He threw bricks and balls to show his strength around the females of the group.

He cried when they cried to show his softer side.

Then he pooped and wanted to go home.

That was Aidan’s first day at soft play.


7 thoughts on “That creepy kid at soft play

    1. Oh he was a little creep – he stood 2 inches from one man and stared at him for about 10 minutes.. what do you do in that situation? Awkward for everyone involved!

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