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Why I hate co-sleeping

Last night we had a very cranky, moody teething baby. Like c’mon already Aidan it’s been like 7 months just grown one already! Anyway, after an hour or so of whining and whimpering we decided to take him into our bed to try and get some sleep. Immediately I thought back to Kellie’s post I had read earlier this week and I began to get excited to have my baby boy for cuddles and quality time. What actually happened was a lot different.


I imagine this is what it feels like to be in a street fight or pub brawl. Having someone swinging fists and throwing head butts. I endured more physical abuse that night then I had known possible. He head butted his dad while kicking me into the ribs. We both woke with several bruises.

Also twice hourly we would be awoken by Aidan who, we learned, is a sleep crawler. While still in a deep sleep Aidan will get to his hands and knees have a little wander around the bed before collapsing back down as if nothing happened. This meant that both of us were on edge acting like some sort of human cot bumper system.

As if that wasn’t enough, like I mentioned in my ways to prepare for a new baby post, it was like sleeping with a stray cat on speed. He has claws, not nails – claws! And they seem to move independent to his body, and only in the direction of my face!

That hair says it all – I couldn’t get the ‘alfalfa’ down all day!


So after a night of about 7 minutes sleep Aidan decided that 6:30am was time enough to start the day – seriously?! After all of us enduring the night from hell the day that followed wasn’t much better. It was a series of tantrums, constant grunting and bad moods all round. If I so much as said ‘Aidan’ there was an outburst stronger than that girl finding out about Zayn leaving 1D!

Those are the reasons I hate co-sleeping. I would love to snuggle up to Aidan every night and wake up to his bright, beaming smile in the morning but that is not what happens in our house. It’s like sleeping with a switch blade and waking up to a hormonal teen – far from a cuddly scene.


23 thoughts on “Why I hate co-sleeping

  1. Hahaha I would never cosleep with Frankie for all tue above reasons. He does the stray cat thing too. Kayla’s five and a dead body once her head hits the pillow. So i sneak loads of cuddles. You’ve only another 4 years to go….

  2. LOL bless you that’s a pants night. I agree I’ve never co-slept…so much to the fact my daughter won’t sleep in bed with us.She stays awake, messes, chats and just plays around. She even asks for her bed!!! So totally with you. Hope you feel a bit more rested now!!! x #bigfatlinky

  3. With you 100%. Ours is not a cuddly baby. Plus he’s a light sleeper. Plus I’m a deep sleeper and there’s a danger I’d crush him like I sometimes do with my wife. I was sooooo relieved when we moved him into his cot at 4 months old. Everyone slept much better.

  4. Oh Ellen I could have written this post – we have a tiny MMA expert in between us quite a lot these days. The worst part is if for whatever reason he gets a bottle in bed, not only are the sheets drenched with milk ( 🙁 ) but he uses it as a weapon. No happy fun kid in morning either… Roll on the teenage years, yes? At least they’ll sleep longer!!

  5. Oh dear! That’s how it is with Harry in our bed, far from cuddly. I got a headbut the other night and a cut on my chin. The following night, I’m not sure how he managed it, but I ended up with a cut all down my arm! Seriously, my toddler is an abuser!!

  6. Ha ha I used to love cosleeping but that was with a cuddly lovely newborn not an older baby. I think if we tried it now we would end up in A&E through injuries. Hope those naughty toothy pegs settle down soon and show their faces 🙂

  7. Haha love the stray cat part.

    I would agree with you for all the reasons you said. It wouldn’t be an enjoyable sleep. That being said I’m a massive fan of Co sleeping but only because my two sleep well! William likes a cuddle but is basically completely still. James fidgets a bit but not enough to make me question him being there. If I had an experience like yours then maybe id agree fully! I do know one thing though it’s surprisingly surreal how vicious they can be!

  8. Haha I love it and you also described the scene in our bedroom that has happened almost every night for the past number of weeks! I very nearly had a broken nose after Luke decided to fling his head back while stretching out his legs on his dad’s back! Now I do love the cuddle when he finally does settle but I think I love it more when he just sleeps in his own bed 🙂

  9. I feel your pain. my 2 1/2 year old sleeps with me nearly every night! Wakes up crying at night and I’m not even bothered and just put him in my bed. but he has days where he could be moving for hours and laying sideways so he ends up kicking me.

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