Month: April 2015

I am the mum who…

Thank you to the lovely Danielle & Sandra for tagging me to do this ”I am the mum who…” post.

I am the mum who…

  • Never feels like a “proper mom”
  • Doesn’t embrace her stretch marks
  • Never has a clean house
  • Always has laundry to do
  • Never irons anything
  • Is addicted to YouTube
  • And tattoos
  • Loves her son
  • Always tries her best
  • Does what she thinks is best
  • Loves being a stay at home parent
  • Wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

I am the mum who...

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#IPBAwards & Our First Vlog

Last weekend saw the very first #IPBAwards (Irish Parenting Blog) and I managed to gather up all my courage to attend my very first blogging event. I also managed to get some of it in our first vlog!

The fantastics Teapots from Colorines Wonderful. Photo credit to Sandra from A Modern Mommy’s World, who I chatted to all night.

Saturday began with us taking the ever eventful trip to Dublin city (via every possible toll might I add). We checked in at the hotel and I began getting ready. As the awards drew closer I began to get really nervous. I have spoken to most of the other bloggers online but I am so bad at connecting names to faces never mind adding blog names into the mix!

At 5:30, I met Janine who was staying at the same hotel and we took a taxi to the Odessa. We bumped into Laura from Raising Elves (who gives me serious hair envy!) at the door who quickly introduced herself and lead us to the goodie bags dinner area. Throughout the yummy dinner there were many games and prizes but these were only the beginning of the nights competitions – which I wouldn’t have won if I was the only entry, I am that unlucky. Myself, Tracey and Kellie took part in the House of Blogs quiz but we were anilated marginally beaten by the other, much more knowledgable team – who even sang and danced for points – now that is sucking up dedication! (No, I’m not jealous at all!)

Our fantastic goodie bags. Credit to Kellie from My Little Babog.


After all the awards and beautiful (some hilarious) speeches were finished and some conversing had been enjoyed I decided to call it a night. My mommy self can’t handle any excitement past 11pm anymore. Somehow I managed to hold out until I got back to the hotel room to check my goody bag – I was like a kid at Christmas rummaging through all the wonderful gifts from ziaja, the body shop, glenisk, M&S and many more. The most eye catching present was the beautiful Lottie doll. I had seen several posts about these award winning dolls, who are based on the body shape of an average 9 year old and provide them with a positive role model. Lottie has several job and hobby options from Kawaii Karate to Butterfly Protector. The wonderful people at MyKidsTime are giving 10% off all Lottie dolls and accessory sets (until May 31st) using the promo code IPBA2015.

Snow Queen Lottie


And as if that wasn’t exciting enough then here is our very first vlog, including our trips to the farm and the zoo, along with some clips from the blogger awards. I am hoping to make weekly vlogs a routine thing so I would love if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us on our adventures (or more likely days on the sofa).

Brilliant blog posts on

Edible finger paint

Aidan is at the stage now where everything goes in his mouth. He is truly exploring the world with his mouth. This makes play time a little more difficult. His normal toys are starting to bore him (but I refuse to buy anything else with his birthday a month away) so this morning I set about finding an activity that would be mouth friendly.

As some of you may have seen I have been doing a lot of baking with Glenisk yogurt, this was for a competition they were running. Since the deadline has past and I cannot eat anymore cake I thought that the leftover yogurt would make a great start for edible finger paint.

Edible finger paint

A few weeks back I bought for colouring to try the colourful pasta sensory play (which was a disaster!) so by mixing yogurt and food colouring I got edible finger paints. Yes, it was that easy. Sadly I forgot to pick up blue so I ended up with red, yellow, green and orange (sort of). Not that Aidan seemed to mind.

Edible finger paint

As you can see there was no interest in it ever going on paper, this finger paint was destined for two places; his mouth and the floor. All other surfaces were just an obstacle in his mission.

A table spoon of yogurt mixed with a couple of drops of food dye and voila – a mess that takes an hour to clean but is totally edible!

Edible finger paints


Have you got any edible play ideas? That don’t involve cornstarch because I cannot find it anywhere!

Blueberry Muffins

Aidan loves blueberries, eats them by the packet so I decided to give blueberry muffins a go and they were a big hit! Here is the recipe if you feel like trying them out…


  • 3 cups of plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • .5 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 cup of extra virgin Olive oil
  • 1.5 cups of castor sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup Glenisk Greek Style Blueberry yogurt
  • 1 packet of fresh blueberries (coated in flour)


  1. Line a cupcake tin and preheat the oven to 200 degrees.
  2. Mix oil, eggs and sugar together.
  3. Add Yogurt and mix until smooth.
  4. Add baking powder, baking soda and flour to the mixture and fold in
  5. Add the coated blueberries and fold in gently.
  6. Fill cupcake liners and bake for 30 minutes.

50 things that make me happy…

I was tagged by the lovely Katy to take part in the 50 things that make me happy tag. I don’t know how I will think of 50 but here goes…

1. Sunshine

2. Chocolate

3. Having a tan

4. Having a good skin day

5. New baby clothes

6. New make up

7. Family days out

8. Christmas

9. Tea

10. Calamity Jane

11. Cleaning

12. Disney

13. Music

14. Talking to friends

15. Saturdays in my Nan’s

16. Having no laundry to do

17. Connecting on social media

18. Taking photos

19. YouTube

20. Smell of bleach

21. The smell of Flash bathroom cleaner

22. Giving presents

23. Pasta

24. Candles

25. Children’s book collections

26. Laughing

27. Take aways

28. The colour white

29. Summer Days

30. Winter nights

31. Stationery

32. Child’s Farm shampoo & conditioner

33. Baking

34. Eating my baking

35. 99 ice creams

36. Parcels in the mail

37. Animals

38. Matching socks

39. Benedict Cumberbatch (that might be because I am watching him now and he’s an epic actor!)

40. The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

41. Happy endings

42. Spotless floors

43. Getting into bed

44. Musicals

45. Converse

46. Lie ins

47. Clean hair

48. Science

49. Clayton

50. Aidan ♥


I am pretty sure I am the last person to do this so if you haven’t been tagged yet I tag you! It’s quite hard to think of 50 things I must say.

Starting out with Cloth Nappies

The cute fluffy prints have taken over my Instgram feed for the past few months and they got me thinking.. Why didn’t I initially choose cloth nappies? Which is when I was swiftly reminded that I have binned every item of clothing that Aidan has pooped on. Even the tiniest little stinky spot and it was banished to the bin. I just hated the idea of putting poop in my washing machine. I still hate the idea of it now but I still took the plunge and decided to try cloth – just because of the super cute prints, honestly I don’t care about saving the planet or saving money I just wanted to see Aidan in the cute prints (mainly the Bambino Mio Circus Time – it is adorable, I have to get one!)


After some research and pestering some lovely cloth using bloggers I decided to buy some ‘cheapies’ from eBay and decide if it was for me before I ordered the more expensive brand named ‘fluffy mail’. Seriously I’ve seen some people who’ve spent more money on nappies that I would say others have on cars! After waiting 7 weeks for them to arrive the novelty of the whole thing had worn off. My initial buzz had dulled and I honestly thought I would try one and throw in the towel, or nappy in this case.

I got some paper liners, which you lay on the inside of your nappy so that when a ‘deposit’ is lodged you can lift the liner and put it in the bin. First nappy I used a liner, I timed it so that I was sure to change it after 2/3 hours (you need to change cloth more often than disposable) to avoid any leaks that would get me off to a bad start. Taking off the first nappy I noticed that the paper liner (which is softer than a tissue not like an A4 sheet) had stuck to Aidan’s skin and really didn’t look comfortable. I decided to leave it off the next nappy and let his skin to breathe… can you guess what happened next? Yep! Aidan ‘delivered’ me a present – que immediate panic! I hate shit! How the hell was I supposed to get it from the nappy to the bin without the liner? Why the fuck did I decided to use these bloody things? Ok, I will just try and tip it into a nappy bag….. Oh, that was pretty easy actually. Nappy straight into the washing machine. Done.

I know I was shocked (so was Clayton!). As much as everyone had said ”you don’t touch the poo” or ”there is no scrubbing involved” it’s a kind of I will believe it when I see it thing. But, they were right I didn’t touch it or scrub it. I put it (the nappy not the shit) into the washing machine on rinse, then 60, then rinse and then spin and it was good as new! I had this down – I was a cloth pro!

Then today, all was going well until it came to the daily deposit. Again no liner because they just don’t look comfortable. Not as easy as yesterday’s one that gave me a false sense of security. A stickier specimen. A more stubborn stinker. It did involve getting a water wipe and wiping the poop from the nappy. And I did it (not gonna lie it wasn’t fun but I did it!). Again the nappy went straight into the washing machine to rinse,60,rinse and spin and I looked after the first rinse and no poopy was present. If these keep happening I think it would put me off cloth – scrapping shit just wouldn’t by my type of thing. Two days in though and I don’t hate it, I actually get quite excited about using cloth, matching Aidan’s outfits and creeping on instagram for all the prints I need.

So far I am still using disposables at night because I heard cloth isn’t great at night times without a booster? I’m not sure I will need to research the night time options.

My current thoughts:

  • Cloth is definitely not the easier option.
  • Poop nappies are actually ok to deal with.
  • I love cloth but I am not completely sold that I can do it long term, yet.
  • If you are thinking about cloth buy some cheap ones on eBay (I got 5 for €20?) and see how it goes. You won’t know until you try it.
  • They are so blooming cute!





April Sunshine | Photo post

We got a mini heatwave in Ireland this week so we went out and made the most of it. From swimming pools to sand, and BBQ’s to baby lambs. Here is a collage of some photos from this week!

April sun


Looking at my instagram this morning it seems the sun has made his way over to the UK so I will be jealously liking your sunshine pics 😉 Hope you all enjoyed the nice weather and hopefully much more to come!


It’s OK to Relax at Nap Time

I’ve just put Aidan down for his nap and I went through the daily dilemma of relaxing with a cup of tea or getting some house work done. I think every stay at home parent goes through the after nap predicament of getting the floors mopped or having a cup of tea, washing the dished or eating some chocolate, doing the ironing or watching This Morning. Well wonder no more parents I have discovered the answer. It’s been staring us all in the face but we’ve been to consumed by parental responsibility to see it!



Stay at home parents work as just that, being an awesome parent. That’s not to say that working parents aren’t awesome too it’s just that their sole job that day isn’t being an at home parent. Taking working parents for a moment, let’s just say they go to work at 9 and work until 5, which is 8 hours meaning they are entitled to two 15 minute break, correct? Do they use this break time to clean their cars, or polish their shoes? I doubt it, it is used to relax, having something to eat and a chat with some other adults.

Therfore, using the same principle, SAHP work 24 hours of the day – meaning they are entitled to six 15 minute breaks. Like I mentioned above, break time is to relax, having something to eat and in the case of SAHP quietness is better than any conversation in the lunch room. So taking all this into consideration today I said sod the washing up I am having chocolate on the sofa!

Moral of this story – Next time you feel guilty for taking a rest instead of cleaning the house at nap time, just remember you’re on your lunch break!


I need your help….

I am very honoured to have been nominated for 8 awards in the #IPBAwards long lists! For the short list I have to choose one from my nominated posts to put forward as ‘Best Blog Post’. I didn’t think that my adoption story would be nominated at all because to me it is just that, a story. I didn’t think that it would have had the response it did. Anyway, I digress, I would be delighted if you guys could help me choose which post to submit. The poll will be open until 6:30 on Friday so I can have my post submitted in time for judging. Thanks in advance 🙂

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