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#IPBAwards & Our First Vlog

Last weekend saw the very first #IPBAwards (Irish Parenting Blog) and I managed to gather up all my courage to attend my very first blogging event. I also managed to get some of it in our first vlog!

The fantastics Teapots from Colorines Wonderful. Photo credit to Sandra from A Modern Mommy’s World, who I chatted to all night.

Saturday began with us taking the ever eventful trip to Dublin city (via every possible toll might I add). We checked in at the hotel and I began getting ready. As the awards drew closer I began to get really nervous. I have spoken to most of the other bloggers online but I am so bad at connecting names to faces never mind adding blog names into the mix!

At 5:30, I met Janine who was staying at the same hotel and we took a taxi to the Odessa. We bumped into Laura from Raising Elves (who gives me serious hair envy!) at the door who quickly introduced herself and lead us to the goodie bags dinner area. Throughout the yummy dinner there were many games and prizes but these were only the beginning of the nights competitions – which I wouldn’t have won if I was the only entry, I am that unlucky. Myself, Tracey and Kellie took part in the House of Blogs quiz but we were anilated marginally beaten by the other, much more knowledgable team – who even sang and danced for points – now that is sucking up dedication! (No, I’m not jealous at all!)

Our fantastic goodie bags. Credit to Kellie from My Little Babog.


After all the awards and beautiful (some hilarious) speeches were finished and some conversing had been enjoyed I decided to call it a night. My mommy self can’t handle any excitement past 11pm anymore. Somehow I managed to hold out until I got back to the hotel room to check my goody bag – I was like a kid at Christmas rummaging through all the wonderful gifts from ziaja, the body shop, glenisk, M&S and many more. The most eye catching present was the beautiful Lottie doll. I had seen several posts about these award winning dolls, who are based on the body shape of an average 9 year old and provide them with a positive role model. Lottie has several job and hobby options from Kawaii Karate to Butterfly Protector. The wonderful people at MyKidsTime are giving 10% off all Lottie dolls and accessory sets (until May 31st) using the promo code IPBA2015.

Snow Queen Lottie


And as if that wasn’t exciting enough then here is our very first vlog, including our trips to the farm and the zoo, along with some clips from the blogger awards. I am hoping to make weekly vlogs a routine thing so I would love if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us on our adventures (or more likely days on the sofa).

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14 thoughts on “#IPBAwards & Our First Vlog

  1. Amazing post. Thanks for the mention in the post and video. 🙂 love the video by the way. Definitely be following the YouTube channel for more.

  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant time, well done for heading to your first ever event! I still haven’t made it to a blogging event, I think I am still too shy! The goodie bag looks great, I love the blog instead of sleep 😉 Great vlog too, I love your LO’s play room – how fab is that?! Ray xx #twinklytuesday

    1. I still don’t know if I could handle Britmums.. I was a lot more intimidated than I thought and it was only 50 people compared to hundreds! Thank you it has me broke haha xx

  3. Sounds like you had fun at the awards – well done for getting so far! Yeah, I’d be proper crap at trying to remember everyone’s names and blogs – partly the reason why I only ever really talk to you haha

    1. Yeah I think some people are great at it and others not so much. It really got me questioning if I could ever go to Britmums. I was so intimated by 50 people imagine me around a few hundred

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