It’s OK to Relax at Nap Time

I’ve just put Aidan down for his nap and I went through the daily dilemma of relaxing with a cup of tea or getting some house work done. I think every stay at home parent goes through the after nap predicament of getting the floors mopped or having a cup of tea, washing the dished or eating some chocolate, doing the ironing or watching This Morning. Well wonder no more parents I have discovered the answer. It’s been staring us all in the face but we’ve been to consumed by parental responsibility to see it!



Stay at home parents work as just that, being an awesome parent. That’s not to say that working parents aren’t awesome too it’s just that their sole job that day isn’t being an at home parent. Taking working parents for a moment, let’s just say they go to work at 9 and work until 5, which is 8 hours meaning they are entitled to two 15 minute break, correct? Do they use this break time to clean their cars, or polish their shoes? I doubt it, it is used to relax, having something to eat and a chat with some other adults.

Therfore, using the same principle, SAHP work 24 hours of the day – meaning they are entitled to six 15 minute breaks. Like I mentioned above, break time is to relax, having something to eat and in the case of SAHP quietness is better than any conversation in the lunch room. So taking all this into consideration today I said sod the washing up I am having chocolate on the sofa!

Moral of this story – Next time you feel guilty for taking a rest instead of cleaning the house at nap time, just remember you’re on your lunch break!


5 thoughts on “It’s OK to Relax at Nap Time

  1. This is the only source of dispute between herself and I. Having worked in offices all my life I find it very easy to take a break when children are occupied and #BabyPink sleeping. She on the other hand has a list of essential chores that have to be done in that time.

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