Month: May 2015

Today I am proud!

Today is Friday.

Today is May 22.

Today I am proud.

Today #hometovote happened.


Today the people of Ireland have been given the option to make same sex marriage legal, to allow people to marry who they love and to have this marriage seen as equal to those which have come before.

Last night saw the beginning of #hometovote, with many more spilling into today. #hometovote is trending in many countries worldwide and shows the lengths the Irish people have gone to to gain equality in Ireland. It sees people travelling from across the world to have their say on such an important topic.

I am not an LGBT member, but I would hope that this simple hashtag may counter act all the horrible, ignorant things the No campaigners have spouted over the past few weeks.

Today I am seeing history.

Today I will never forget.

Today I am proud.

My Birth Story | Vlog

This is my birth story. Somethings are easier said than written and I think my birth story (with several bits of rambling edited out) is one of those things. Please like & subscribe, it would make us super happy!

My Netflix Binge-watches

Binge-watching: To watch an entire series of a programme in a short time period. Usually only pausing for tea and toilet breaks.

netflix logo


I am a massive binge watcher, more so pre-Aidan, obviously! That being said, when Aidan goes to bed me & Clayton have been known to have the 1am ”One more episode” conversation on many an occasion (and regretting it at the following mornings 6am wake up call). I love finding a series that gets me hooked and makes me want to just watch one more, and one more, until I run out (and sometimes weep). Netflix is heaven for binge watchers because it homes all the episodes of your favourite series in the one place, and even does the work of putting the next episode on when you finish watching one. Amaze-balls. Here is my Netflix binge-watch list which I have bitter-sweetly binge watched the entirety of.

1. Orange is the new Black

orange is the new black netflix

Set in a womens prison, OITNB sees Piper, a privaledged New Yorker, end up serving time for her past. With so many different characters, inter twining story lines and comical moments it is no surprise that Orange is the new Black has been so popular. Seasons 1 & 2 are available on Netflix now with Season 3 airing on June 12th – I cannot wait!

2. Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars netflix

After the death of their best friend, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily begin to receive messages from someone threatening to reveal their darkest secrets. The blackmailer seems to know things only their deceased friend Alison should know. It is a murder mystery type series which will have you on the edge of your seat.

3. Gossip Girl

gossip girl netflix

I was very late to this one, but after seeing everybody talk about it I finally decided to give GG a go. I think I had watched the entire 6 seasons in a week. It is based around New Yorks elite, full of cliques, cat fights and Christian Louboutins. ‘Gossip girl’ narrates the series and is never far from any drama or scandal. (*may contain some serious eye candy*)

4. 90210

90210 netflix

A remake of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. It centres around siblings Annie & Dixon who move to a new state and therefore a new school. 90210 is filled with romance, heartbreak and lots of cliff hangers. It has been a while since I have watched this and think that I will rewatch it again this summer (at least that way I will experience some sunshine).

5. Dexter

dexter netflix
dexter netflix

Dexter, a blood splatter analyst by day murderer by night. Dexter’s victims are people who have killed and somehow escaped justice, but how long can Dexter escape justice? Will his night time antics be discovered? I watched all 8 seasons of this in my third year in college – it may have meant that some school work suffered but it was totally worth it!

6. Fargo

fargo netflix

Based on the Coen Brothers film Fargo, this series adaptation is a different approach to ”true crime”. Starring Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman among many other familiar faces. It is a true story which makes it even more shocking but definitely one to watch.

7. Breaking Bad

breaking bad netflix

If you haven’t heard of Breaking Bad by now where have you been?! Probably one of the most talked about series of all time. Hal, a terminally ill chemistry teacher, joins forces with a former student to cook crystal meth and begin their own ‘dealership’. With many a cliffhanger and plot twist Breaking Bad is sure to be a series you won’t forget in a hurry. (Better Call Saul the spin-off series is also now showing on Netflix)

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

unbreakable kimmy schmidt netflix

Kimmy is rescued from a cult, who believed that the world had ended in the 90’s, and ends up in New York city. With no idea of mobile phones or that Whitney Houston had died, Kimmy and her room mate Titus along with many other unforgettable characters will have you laughing out loud. I got through this series in two days and I am sitting, fingers crossed for a second season.

9. Sherlock

sherlock netflix

I have definitely saved the best for last. Truth be told I originally watched this series as it aired on BBC, meaning I had to wait 18 months between seasons (it was worth the wait every time). I have re-watched it all again on Netflix and it is still as good the second (and third) time around. Sherlock, is a modern day version of the classic Sherlock Holmes tales of Arther Conan Doyle and stars the fantastic Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes (like the man can do no wrong! Has he ever disppointed? Exactly!) and Martin Freeman as Dr Watson.


What have you been binge-watching? What should I watch next?


Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have been given a years subscription to write reviews, updates and such about Netflix. As always these are my own honest opinions. I had purchased my own personal Netflix subscription prior to joining the Stream Team.

I Forgot To Take My Pill | Review

I Forgot To Take My Pill: An honest diary of a first-time mum, is the first book by Sharyn Hayden. It is just that, an honest, and hilarious account of motherhood, which shows the good, the bad and the side splitting moments of her parenting journey all parents will relate to. Sharyn is a comedian, actress, writer and mother – as well as the brains behind her blog Raising Ireland.


Sharon takes us all over Dublin meeting lots of ‘characters’ along the ways, from the swooning nurse with her hand up Sharyn’s amazing anatomical area to the Amazonian cleaner who bared it all, and not forgetting the ”scaling-the-wall-for-hooch-retired-pal-from-next-door”, to name a few.

When I opened the book and saw the dedication and the chapter titles I knew this was going to be a book I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Vaginal Trickery, Stupid Shit My Neighbour Says and Infant-induced Alcoholism – just to give you an idea.

I forgot to take my pill is the funniest book I’ve ever read – I couldn’t put it down, but didn’t want it to end either. It says things that most parents are thinking but never say. It talks about situations we’ve all encountered and tells us it’s ok to take a minute – everything will be graaaaand.

The many small chapters are ideal for parents of kids who get 5 minutes in the day (or night) to them selves. It will make a great present for first time parents and I will definitely be buying it for any of my ‘up the duff’ friends.

I Forgot To Take My Pill is available on Amazon from May 20th, Sharyn also blogs over at Raising Ireland.


I was given I Forgot To Take My Pill in exchange for this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions. 

The A-Z of Me!

I was tagged by Danielle from Lilliwhiterose to do the A-Z of Me tag, weeks ago – oops! I can’t lie, I have been avoiding it because I had heard it was quite tough to do, but I finally bit the bullet….


Adopted – I was adopted when I was 8 weeks old

Big Brother – I love Big Brother and will watch it for the entire summer, and have done since I was about 10and Davina hosted on Channel 4.

Cystic Acne – When I was pregnant with Aidan I developed cystic acne which has left me with lots of scarring on my face. That combined with birthing him means this kid owes me big time already!

Dream – I dreamed that my bump was called Aidan when I was 6 months pregnant and that’s how Aidan came to be.

Eurovision – I could tell you everything and anything about the Eurovision, it was my guilty pleasure. Then Jedward happened – the second time!

Four – Is my favourite number. No idea why but I will always choose 4 or 28 (my birthday).

Gel nails – I have had gel nails done a dozen times – each time never lasting more than a week!

Hot Tea – I love Tea! It’s even better if you get to drink it when it’s still hot!

Internet – I am a blogger & vlogger do I really need to elaborate on this one?

JJ – I had a pet hamster called JJ who died on the morning of my birthday but my Mom brought him to the pet shop, found a twin and I knew nothing about it until about 10 years later.

Knitting – We were taught knitting in school. I was and still am absolutely terrible. I think I managed a 5 inch ‘scarf’ once.

Labour – I was in labour for under 2 hours. Made being a week overdue a little easier.

Memory – I have the worst long term memory. People always say ”Remember when…” Tell me the most memorable story which I was included in – I however can never recall them.

Nan – My Nan is the heart of our family. She is the most loving and loved woman I know.

Operation – I have only ever had one operation and that was to have my appendix removed after it began to poison my other organs.

Parents – I go to my parents house almost everyday. Leaving the nest was tough for me and I visit all the time (and only live 5 minutes walk away). I am a big baby at heart.

Qwerty – I know the entire keyboard without looking, and can type with my eyes closed from years of MSN messenger!

Reading – I love to read but usually find myself online too late these days to even get the cover open before falling asleep.

Scientist – I have a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and absolutely love everything Science related. Nerd alert!

Tattoos – I have 5 tattoos and cannot wait to get more. They’re like pringles – once you get one, you need 5 more.

Upload – I just started vlogging and uploading them to my YouTube channel.

Veronica Mars – Me & Clayton watched the entire programme when I was pregnant with A and spent the last season wondering if we would get to the end before he arrived – we did, and still had weeks to wait.

Wife – On our first date, in a very loud pub, I thought Clayton said he had a wife and kids back in America!

X – I have a very embarrassing email involving the us of ‘x’ and ‘2k7’ which is sadly attached to some of my social media accounts *cringe*

Youth Worker – I was a volunteer youth worker for 3 years and only stopped when pregnant. It was the most tiring and most fun job I’ve ever done.

Zoo – I will never pass up an opportunity to go to the zoo, Fota or a farm. Can you tell I love animals?


That was really hard but fun. I tag the lovely Olivia’s Mother Blog, My Little BabogWonderful Wagon & Baby Steps.

Our day with Pip & Pear | Review

If you follow me on social media you may have seen me mention Pip & Pear, a local baby food brand, recently. I first discovered Pip & Pear back in December at the Waterford Harvest Festival and I was hooked from the first look. Having only recently started out the brand looked polished and professional and the story behind it only made me love them even more.

Pip & Pear

Pip & Pear was created by Irene, a Waterford mum and restauranteur. Using her own home cooked recipes, which contain up to 2 of your babies 5 a day, Irene began Pip & Pear in her kitchen. All the products are gluten free, dairy free and have no added salt, sugar or additives. ”All of the goodness, none of the guilt.” Don’t just take my word for it though because Pip & Pear have won 3 Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards for their; Spiced Apple and Pear, Banana Blue and Chicken Lickin Casserole.

Pip & Pear

Last week I met with Irene, who is such a lovely, down to earth mother, so passionate about her brand. She told me about their latest adventure, that Pip & Pear is going to be stocked in Aldi stores nationwide from May 28th, in conjunction with their next baby event. With 50% of Pip & Pears ingredients from Irish suppliers they make a perfect fit for Aldi. The 9 product range is a chilled baby food, meaning it will be found in the fridge – for me, this was a sure sign of just how fresh and homemade it was. Each product comes in an individual, portion sized, plastic container; which is reusable.


Here is a day menu we created using Pip & Pear:
Breakfast: Porridge made with a dash of milk and Stage 1 Banana Blue
Lunch: Stage 2 Chicken Lickin Casserole
Dinner: Stage 3 Baby Beef Ragu
Dessert: Stage 1 Spiced Apple & Pear

Pip & Pear

Aidan is a huge Pip & Pear fan and never leaves a single bite. The textures are perfect for the stage that they are assigned, for example stage 3 has pieces of pasta just the right size for 11 month old Aidan. These smell just like dinners you would make yourself and just like the slogan says you feel no guilt giving your baby pre-made food because it is just like home cooking. (Probably even better than mine!)


Be sure to check them out in Aldi nationwide from May 28th and on Facebook, Twitter and their website. Also, Irene has been featured on My Kids Time talking about Pip & Pear.

Pip & Pear

I was given some of the Pip & Pear range for the purpose of this review but as always all opinions are my own and honest. Pip & Pear can be found in our fridge on a weekly basis.

This is what she said…

Cherish it she said, ”the first year will fly”,
It will all pass you by in the blink of an eye.
What once you wished for is too soon just a memory,
I tell you my girl, you know you can trust me.

As a mother of seven I know when I say,
You will long for the time you are wishing away.
As the days pass you by remember I said,
One day, too soon, he won’t crawl in your bed.

He will be an adult, with a family maybe,
You will wonder what happened your once little baby.
I promise you though its a love that is piled,
A mother’s love is eternal for her baby child.


My grandmother always says to me that the first year of a babies life flies by. I never realised how right she was until this month, as I am planning Aidan’s first birthday. Although the days can feel like weeks, the weeks pass by in minutes. I wanted to write something to remind me of her wise words and help me to remember to cherish every minute.