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I Forgot To Take My Pill | Review

I Forgot To Take My Pill: An honest diary of a first-time mum, is the first book by Sharyn Hayden. It is just that, an honest, and hilarious account of motherhood, which shows the good, the bad and the side splitting moments of her parenting journey all parents will relate to. Sharyn is a comedian, actress, writer and mother – as well as the brains behind her blog Raising Ireland.


Sharon takes us all over Dublin meeting lots of ‘characters’ along the ways, from the swooning nurse with her hand up Sharyn’s amazing anatomical area to the Amazonian cleaner who bared it all, and not forgetting the ”scaling-the-wall-for-hooch-retired-pal-from-next-door”, to name a few.

When I opened the book and saw the dedication and the chapter titles I knew this was going to be a book I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Vaginal Trickery, Stupid Shit My Neighbour Says and Infant-induced Alcoholism – just to give you an idea.

I forgot to take my pill is the funniest book I’ve ever read – I couldn’t put it down, but didn’t want it to end either. It says things that most parents are thinking but never say. It talks about situations we’ve all encountered and tells us it’s ok to take a minute – everything will be graaaaand.

The many small chapters are ideal for parents of kids who get 5 minutes in the day (or night) to them selves. It will make a great present for first time parents and I will definitely be buying it for any of my ‘up the duff’ friends.

I Forgot To Take My Pill is available on Amazon from May 20th, Sharyn also blogs over at Raising Ireland.


I was given I Forgot To Take My Pill in exchange for this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions. 

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