Just say Yes

Imagine a time where your child comes to tell you they’re gay. Imagine how many people have been scared or afraid to tell others who they love. Imagine you have the power to change that. You do.

On May 22nd Ireland will have the chance to allow everyone to marry who they love. This will help to break the ”taboo” around homosexuality in Ireland. It will allow the future generations, the ones we call our children, to see that love is love and it isn’t determined by gender. It will give these families a security they are not currently guarenteed.

Why should I, or anybody else, be allowed to tell someone how to live their life and who to love? Why should my opinion have the power to alter a family? It shouldn’t.

The No campaign is basing their argument on the statement ”every child has the right to a mother and a father’ and how it is ‘unfair’ to send children to school without ‘the norm’. These statements are ignorant and sad. ‘The norm’ in Ireland is a mother and a father because it was illegal to be a homosexual until 1993 – that is only 22 years ago! Meaning many homosexual people didn’t have the ability to have a relationship, never mind a family.

Ireland is dated and old fashioned in many ways but we have the power to finally allow people to express who they are, love who they love and say ‘I do’ to who they chose.

Just say Yes!



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7 thoughts on “Just say Yes

  1. I think the people who say no to this need to move with the times. Children dont need a Mum and a Dad, they need people who will love, care and devote themselves TO THAT child regardless of the gender of said ‘parents’. I am excited for May 22nd and I really hope it goes as we want it too. SAY YES!

  2. I can’t believe this is even up for discussion to be honest. It’s a grim state of affairs that when it’s assumed that two gay parents is so awful when two straight parents can be worse! Everything crossed for the right result!

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