The A-Z of Me!

I was tagged by Danielle from Lilliwhiterose to do the A-Z of Me tag, weeks ago – oops! I can’t lie, I have been avoiding it because I had heard it was quite tough to do, but I finally bit the bullet….


Adopted – I was adopted when I was 8 weeks old

Big Brother – I love Big Brother and will watch it for the entire summer, and have done since I was about 10and Davina hosted on Channel 4.

Cystic Acne – When I was pregnant with Aidan I developed cystic acne which has left me with lots of scarring on my face. That combined with birthing him means this kid owes me big time already!

Dream – I dreamed that my bump was called Aidan when I was 6 months pregnant and that’s how Aidan came to be.

Eurovision – I could tell you everything and anything about the Eurovision, it was my guilty pleasure. Then Jedward happened – the second time!

Four – Is my favourite number. No idea why but I will always choose 4 or 28 (my birthday).

Gel nails – I have had gel nails done a dozen times – each time never lasting more than a week!

Hot Tea – I love Tea! It’s even better if you get to drink it when it’s still hot!

Internet – I am a blogger & vlogger do I really need to elaborate on this one?

JJ – I had a pet hamster called JJ who died on the morning of my birthday but my Mom brought him to the pet shop, found a twin and I knew nothing about it until about 10 years later.

Knitting – We were taught knitting in school. I was and still am absolutely terrible. I think I managed a 5 inch ‘scarf’ once.

Labour – I was in labour for under 2 hours. Made being a week overdue a little easier.

Memory – I have the worst long term memory. People always say ”Remember when…” Tell me the most memorable story which I was included in – I however can never recall them.

Nan – My Nan is the heart of our family. She is the most loving and loved woman I know.

Operation – I have only ever had one operation and that was to have my appendix removed after it began to poison my other organs.

Parents – I go to my parents house almost everyday. Leaving the nest was tough for me and I visit all the time (and only live 5 minutes walk away). I am a big baby at heart.

Qwerty – I know the entire keyboard without looking, and can type with my eyes closed from years of MSN messenger!

Reading – I love to read but usually find myself online too late these days to even get the cover open before falling asleep.

Scientist – I have a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry and absolutely love everything Science related. Nerd alert!

Tattoos – I have 5 tattoos and cannot wait to get more. They’re like pringles – once you get one, you need 5 more.

Upload – I just started vlogging and uploading them to my YouTube channel.

Veronica Mars – Me & Clayton watched the entire programme when I was pregnant with A and spent the last season wondering if we would get to the end before he arrived – we did, and still had weeks to wait.

Wife – On our first date, in a very loud pub, I thought Clayton said he had a wife and kids back in America!

X – I have a very embarrassing email involving the us of ‘x’ and ‘2k7’ which is sadly attached to some of my social media accounts *cringe*

Youth Worker – I was a volunteer youth worker for 3 years and only stopped when pregnant. It was the most tiring and most fun job I’ve ever done.

Zoo – I will never pass up an opportunity to go to the zoo, Fota or a farm. Can you tell I love animals?


That was really hard but fun. I tag the lovely Olivia’s Mother Blog, My Little BabogWonderful Wagon & Baby Steps.

10 thoughts on “The A-Z of Me!

  1. Great list, these are such a good idea and a real insight into people’s lives and what’s behind the blog.
    I loved that your mum went to the trouble to buy an identical hamster to protect your feelings such a lovely thing to do #Bigfatlinky

    1. I am full sure that next time I will be in labour for over a week and in agony because I keep saying ‘Ah it wasn’t that bad’ – that will come back to bite me I just know it haha x

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