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I was never a huge fan of the cinema but now the extreme and almost enforced silence is something that dreams are made of. With childcare, money and finding time actually getting to the cinema proves quite a struggle in our house. Alas, we do a DIY home cinema experience – lots of sweets, Netflix and nobody is allowed to talk. Here are a few movies we’ve been loving recently…

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1. Catfish

If you have never heard of Catfish, be it the movie or TV series, then where have you been? Catfish is the original, the story of Nev (Star of the TV Series) and his experience with catfishing. This movie will have you rethinking all those Facebook ‘friends’ you have never met… *If this movie doesn’t make you rethink your online relationship perhaps you should watch Talhotblond* 



2. Frozen Ground

In this fact-based film, a state trooper is trying to find evidence to pin on a serial killer he is sure murdered many girls. With the help of a 17 year old prostitute, who marginally escaped the killer.



3. Dallas Buyers Club

Ron Woodroof refuses to accept that he will die from his recently diagnosed AIDS. He begins to smuggle drugs he knows can help but are not regulated, or legal in Texas, to help both himself and many other AIDS sufferers.



4. Les Miserables

This 2013 remake includes a star studded cast from Hugh Jackman to Eddie Redmayne. If you are into musicals then this is a must watch but be warned I think only 2 minutes of the entire film is not singing. I managed to convinced Clayton to watch this and he even shed a tear at the end.

9/10 (8/10 from Clayton)


5. 22 Jump Street

After 21 Jump Street I was really excited for this to be realeased but with the under lying acceptance that equals are always a let down, right? Nope, if anything this movie was better than it’s predecessor. Channing Tatum & Jonah Hill are such an unexpected, but hilarious duo. 



6. Clueless

Childhood classic! If you are looking to be taken straight back to the 90’s then this is the movie to watch. The fashion, the lingo and the humour are set to have you feeling like a teenager all over again (but in a good way). An all round feel good, easy watch movie.



7. Seven Pounds

Will Smith – need I say more? This is definitely my favourite Will movie (this and pursuit of happiness). I don’t know how to explain it in a way that will make you want to watch it without giving it all away. You are just going to have to trust me that this movie is one you will enjoy, remember and may have a small impact on how you live the rest of your life. *Warning: You will most likely cry – at least twice*



8. Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style

Another childhood classic. When I saw this pop up on Netflix I immediately tweeted about it (obviously, I am a blogger!) and everyone seemed just as excited as me. Bitter sweetly it is just one movie but here’s hoping that Netflix adds all the Saved by the Bell series – can you image singing the theme song before dinner every evening again? Oh I am getting way to hopeful! (Kenyan & Kel Goodburger, Recess and many other childhood faves are there too but I haven’t managed to watch those yet.)

10/10 (Ok, that may be just the initial excitement probably more like 3/10 – how bad is that acting when you look back!)


9. White Chicks

As a pre-teen or tween I think they’re called now? My friends and I would quote this movie so often. It is a firm favourite of mine and always a safe bet when you’re in a slump. Two FBI agents must go undercover as two of the world’s most high profile, white, twins for ”the weekend” in the hamptons. Two men disguised as two women – what could possibly go wrong?



10. Monsters Inc.

Ok, so it hasn’t been our choice to spend hours watching this on repeat but it felt wrong not to include it since it is probably our most watched movie, at the minute. You can’t beat a Disney movie though no matter what mood you find yourself in, there will always be something that tickles your fancy. Aidan is obsessed with Monster Inc – he will watch it for hours but isn’t interested in any other movies yet meaning it is constant Mickey Mouse or Monsters Inc.



Have you got any movies that I should add to this list? We are also documentary fans and I will be doing a post on that soon – what’s your favourite documentary on Netflix?

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, I was gifted a years subscription to Netflix and Apple TV however all opinions, as always, are my own, 100% honest views.

4 thoughts on “Our at home cinema nights | Netflix

  1. Seven pounds gets me every single time, not sure I should watch it for a few months my hormones are all over the place lol. I’ve yet to watch Les Mis must put that on my to do list this weekend.

  2. Have you ever watched any of the Netflix original series? My husband and I love “House Of Cards” with Kevin Spacey and “Orange Is The New Black”. I watched the entire first season of “Orange Is The New Black” in one day. Shhh don’t tell anyone. Thanks for hosting!

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