Month: July 2015

Ziaja Baby Range – The Miracle Cream | Review & Giveaway

A few weeks ago I attended a Ziaja event in a store local to me. I originally went to support my friend Emma who was speaking at the event but I came away with arms full of products which I love and have worked amazingly with my problematic skin!


Ziaja also do a baby range which I was recently sent to review. After having such great results with their ‘adult’ skin range I expected the same from their baby range, I did not expect what I actually got!

I was sent several products to review all of which were great. They were sensitive on Aidan’s skin, smelled fantastic and worked in each way described. However, I feel like one product stood out from the rest and will forever more be a staple in our house, for both Aidan and us.

Baby soothing cream

Ziaja’s Baby soothing cream -10% d-panthenol was by far favourite in the range and probably my favourite baby product of all time and here is why….

A few weeks ago this rash appeared on Aidan’s face and began to spread all over his body. It started out like a heat rash but turned into tiny blisters under his skin on his face, arms and legs. After 2 trips to the doctors and several prescription creams I had accepted that this was something that Aidan would just have to live with or hopefully ‘grow out of’. When the products arrived from Ziaja I had nothing to lose by trying a little bit of the soothing cream on his face. After three applications the rash had completely gone, and thankfully he has no scarring or marking from it!


As the saying goes ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, after steroid creams, prescription cream and several doctors opinions, this over the counter vitamin cream has been the only solution. I have used it when I got severely sunburnt on holidays, grazed skin and several other skin injuries and the results have always been great.


How much would you pay for this product? For the results on Aidan’s skin I would pay hundreds, as I’m sure any mother would but 60mls of this cream is €3.49!

All of Ziaja’s products retail from 69c to €9.99 and I am yet to find one that doesn’t work as it says. Anyone I know who has used this range has had nothing but great words to say and I am no different. Both the baby range and skincare range will be a constant in this house.

The lovely people at Ziaja ave given me 3 of the soothing creams to give away and allow you to try it for yourselves. To enter just like Ziaja on Facebook, like El and Baby A on Facebook and leave a comment below to let me know that you’ve entered. This giveaway is only opened to ROI entries. Good luck!

(3 random winners will be selected on August 3rd and named on twitter so keep an eye out over at @_ellenokeeffe)

*I was sent some items from the baby range for the purpose of this review but as always these are my own, honest opinions, and Aidan’s.

Top 5 products for flying with a one year old

We are (sadly) back from our holidays. The weeks building up to holidays are always very exciting but this time I had the stress of how Aidan would take the 3 hour plane journey. I searched the internet high and low for things to pack for the trip and ended up with a bag bigger than my suitcase full of things he never even looked at. However there were 5 things that were essential during the flight.


1. Juice

Take off and landing can be quite uncomfortable on our ears. I usually chew chewing gum or suck on hard sweets to help them ‘pop’. I wasn’t sure what to do to help relive the pressure for Aidan but drinking juice from his bottle was definitely helpful. Unfortunately on our way over I didn’t pack enough juice and on landing Aidan got sick from the pain in his ears. That is definitely a mistake I won’t make again.

2. New books

I bought 3 books in the pound shop that were bright, sparkly and most importantly new! I didn’t buy expensive books incase they got destroyed on the journey but that didn’t matter to Aidan who read chewed them for a good portion of the journey.

3. New small toys

The size of the toys doesn’t really matter to the baby but the smaller the toys the more you can fit into your bag. I packed some Mickey Mouse figurines, Sheriff Callie figurines and the Fisher Price DC Little People (which were a huge, mouth sized hit!). As I only gave him one or two at a time this meant that on the trip home I had several that were still ‘new’.

4. Snacks

Babies can’t scream if there mouths are full of treats ;). This is pretty self explanatory, Aidan loves to eat so snacks are definitely a good distraction. I chose snacks that he had to eat with his hands because this meant that it took him more time to pick them up and eat them rather than spoon-feeding him, this obviously depends on the babies age though.

5. Portable DVD player

When all else failed Mickey Mouse on the DVD player was a life saver. Aidan would watch Mickey Mouse on repeat all day had he the chance so to be able to watch it for hours was definitely a welcome novelty to him.


Have you travelled with a little one lately, what are your top tips and essential items to bring?

Where have we been?!

I have been totally M.I.A the past few weeks for a number of reasons. We had my Grandad’s birthday weekend which resulted in me spending many hours designing his present, packing and organising. Then the day before we are due to leave I get word that my passport application had been denied, with my flight booked for 4 days time. Meaning the past two weeks have gone as follows – weekend away, impromptu 4 hour round trip trip to collect passport, holiday to Spain, with not even a day in between. So as you can imagine blogging was far from my mind! I did however catch some clips of our holiday for my vlog. (And my Grandad’s surprise weekend in last weeks too).